Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 6 100%

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There are a lot of cars in the museum. For example, this excellent car is in private hands and can travel on roads.


This engine once flew.


In the race, new technologies are being entangled, which are then introduced into serial cars.



Attention! Now I'm going to start this motor!


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To be continued.


Some time ago, I visited science museum in London. This museum also contains a lot of old machinery and cars which were very antique and different to see.

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Wow, these are your photos with cars ... !!!!

Looking smashing

nice cars best post my friend i resteemdlovesteem.jpg

Now here is a vintage classic

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Great! So many interesting cars!

super Post

That's a beauty


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Hola amigo
Que bien.
Imagino que el motor que una vez voló se rescato del fondo del mar. El proceso de oxidación que se nota es típico de estar sumergido en el mar.
Pudo haber sido de un heroico aviador en una gran misión.
El carro de la tercera fotografía parece ser un Chevrolet Montecarlo.
Saludos y Gracias

sick cars dam :)

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Super. I love the machines. You are living close or you just visit? I am not living that far away but was there only once. Cheers Alex

nice post i hope is the best of art post.

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these types of cars have always caught my attention and a lot of the truth, good post friend I like =)

great post and classic......what year pabrication this car...?

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good job brother....

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