Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 11 (↻110%)

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Today there will be only cars. Classic, beautiful cars.

Such cars can not be found on the road. Old-timers cause delight and trembling from one glance at them. To sit behind the wheel of such a car and the dream of many will now sweep.

In my posts I want to show the mass scale of the Technical Museum in Sinsheim. Soon I will choose the most interesting specimens and tell about them in more detail. Every car has its own amazing story.

Two-tone Mercedes-Benz 230 Cabriolet is just super!







To be continued.


Интересно, дизайном современных автомобилей будут так же восхищаться в будущем как мы восхищается этими раритетными авто?

I like the post. Wow wonderful car.thank you sharing the post.

Wow awesome PHOTOGRAPHY of cars. I really like it.

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Yeah. It's classic and fancy.. love it

I am really amazed by seeing this collection of cars.This museum seems to be a Gem out in Germany.Thank you for this wonderful post,and making us aware about this classic museum Sinshem.

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Fantastic cars

Wow what a rare car's.

This is what I call German machine. They look very durable and I am very eager to know more about this vehicle models.

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These cars look very unique, very shiny, fancy, and classy. One can tell that the car designer is creatively smart in designing them with progression. Showing all the details of the lights, pipes, blowhorn, tirewheels with spikes. They also resemble like train and helicopter. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to see the continuation of this.

Antic! I want to know the continued!

Ich denke ich muss mal nach Sinsheim fahren !

Интересно с моей силой голоса я буду получать что нибудь???

Да, будешь, я внесу тебя в белый список. Выплата, как правило, почти сразу после закрытия поста.


Damn, sooo beautiful.