Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 10 (↻100%)

in museum •  2 years ago 

BMW Dixi DA 2 - Looks like it just got off the assembly line.

Incredible 15 PS!

Previously, there were no steel or aluminum wheels on cars.



Only three wheels, two lights, one door and the car is ready!



Such diesel engines produced in the 1960-1970's in the USSR. In these engines, many unique developments. Engine power 4000PS!


People always have little power!


To be continued.

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I would love to have an old german car like that one of those lol

Such diesel engines produced in the 1960-1970's in the USSR. In these engines, many unique developments. Engine power 4000PS!

Yes, it's a ship's engine. A car with such power, probably, would be uncontrollable.

These cars are cool, but outside the antique fashion, the engine is more classic .I am also a car, I will pay attention to you, always read your article

Hello @alexko-steemit These #cars are interesting. I see they are antiques, thus in the #museum. What captures my eyes is that I've never seen a #car with spike #wheels before. Great work you do here. Thanks for showing.

Historical legacy is very interesting to be a monument

Wow greate article!
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Ich bin vielleicht zu dumm um deine Logik zu verstehen. Was bringt es dir eigentlich der gekauften Voten? Was könntest du wirklich erreichen?

I find that car with the door in the front very strange, I didn't know that was a thing. I wonder how safe would that be in case of an accident, sure the speed is lower but still.

Nice cars, great designs when the industry where experimenting with every possible shape: three wheeled cars, mini cars. Even the massive production models were great designs.