Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Motorcycle of the Italian paratrooper. Part 49 (↻100%)

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Motorcycle of the Italian paratrooper

The gearbox of this motorbike is very interesting because of it's 2 gears as well as a two stage connecting gearbox that allows two different speed ranges.

The maximum speed at the upper sector is about 30-60 km/h. The wheels are unusual as well because you could assemble single or double tired wheels.

Manufacturer: Volugrafo Aermmoto
Year: 1944
Power: 5 HP
Engine cc: 125 cc
Engine: 1 cyl.


To be continued.


Midget whip

помню еще мотороллеры...

What a curious little motorcycle worthy of being exhibited... I like your post 😊

It's a beautiful motorbike. But it's not suitable for driving in the rural area. But it looks amazing.

Wow so small and amazing , I how I wish I could get one of these old stuffs to remember history

wow wild look,these are used in so many army related games what a engineering by engineers @alexko-steemit

Good post.thanks imformation

Now that's some cool, unique history.
Thank you for posting.
I wonder how many still exist and if anyone rides them.

Looks amazing...old is always gold. Thanks for sharing this.

dimeusium motor that is very antique and unique.I love your blog, thank you.

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