Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). McCormick-Deering. Part 52 (↻100%)

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In 1902 the American manufacturers of farming machines McCormick.

Deering, Piano and Warder, Bushnell & Glessner allied to form the International Harvester Company (IHC). Four years later production of tractors commenced. The McCormick-Deering tractors were considered the answer of International Harvester to the Fordson products. The higher prices were justified by McCormick-Deering by a better product quality.

Manufacturer: McCormick-Deering
Year: 1920
Power: 32 HP
Engine cc: 6.100 ccm
Engine: 4 cyl.


To be continued.


Not hosting anymore rebate posts?

McCormick-Deering was the trademark name of a line of tractors and farm machinery manufactured by the International Harvester Co. and I think it is an 15-30 model tractor.

Nice @alexko-steemit, that is worth something. They don’t produce tracktors like this nowadays. It is nice to see that old machines are worth something and that they don’t lie in some scrapy yard.

Can't wait to hear how the rest of the story goes. Great introduction. It's always interesting for me to learn about the origin of things, where it all started and how we really got to where we are today, economically or otherwise

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Interesting I would like to know how that story continues, because if it is better to pay more and receive a better product I like the policy of McCormick-Deering

угораю от манекенов с современными прическами и традиционными национальными нарядами xD

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