Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Lanz HR 8. Part 58 (↻100%)

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Lanz "HR 8" Typ D1506

25 .000 specimens of this Bulldog-tvpe were built in the Lanz works in Mannheim.

Already before WW II, the Heinrich Lanz Company had a good reputation worldwide. Therefore, this extremely sturdy traction engine was present in nearly every country in the world. As fuel, gasohol, diesel fuel, paraffin oil, shale oil and kerosine could be burned.

Year: 1939-1945
Power: 55 HP
Engine cc: 10,300


To be continued.


I hope you could provide more details about that machine because it sounds really interesting how or what it's made of.

ist das eine zug oder ein traktor, es sieht ganz lustig aus

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se observa una maquinaria bastante potente lo estare seguiendo para ver mayores detalles saludos gracias por compartir

Looks very interesting. Enjoy your weekend!

Bulldog? This thing looks like a rocket engine-powered beast! :D

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wonderful museum. awesome car art. thanks for @alexko-steemit

Only on Steemit can a tractor garner hundreds of dollars worth of attention.

Cool Chit Brah :))

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