Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Lanz HR 7. Part 57 (↻100%)

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Lanz HR 7

Not until 1948 did the Lanz Company start to produce "Bulldogs" again, beginning with the hype D-8506.

The exhibit shown here was presumably later equipped with a solid driver's cabin. Haulage firms and circus enterprises offen had this done. These cabins were exclusively made by hand. 56.000 of this Bulldog-tvpe were built.

Year: 1949
Power: 35 HP
Engine cc: 10,300


To be continued.


1934, the two new series Bulldog HR7 and HR8 appeared, replacing the Bullogs HR5 and HR6, which were still in production until 1935. The LANZ Bulldog HR7 was built for a full 10 years until 1944. The single-cylinder glow head engine with 10,338 cc and an output of 35 hp. The Bulldog HR7 was available in 5 different versions. The D8500 Ackerbulldog version with three-speed gearbox, handbrake and hand throttle. The Achsluftbulldog D8506 with pneumatic tires and six-speed gearbox, hand and foot gear and hand and foot brake. Beautiful and unique model and good photography, which is very well

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Classic tractors hehe

Estos tractores son una verdadera obra de Arte.
Me imagino verlos andando por una calle. Centro de Atracción.
Imagina 10.388 c.c a una velocidad máxima de 22 Km/hr.
Gracias por el artículo. De verdad no lo conocía.

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This quite a unique collection. I would always love to spend time in such museum.

This HR 7 always gave maximum performance and it is available in 5 versions-D8500, D8506, D8511, D8531 and D8539.

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