Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Hanomag WD Multi-fuel engjne. Part 53 (↻100%)

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Hanomag WD Multi-fuel engjne

This Hanomag farm tractor was built from 1925-1935.

At this time it was a powerful and important competitor to the world market leader Fordson. The WD tractor was competitive because of output, curb weight and price. It had some advanced technical innovations, such as a forced-feed lubrication with oil-pumps and a centrifugal pump for a forced cooling circulation.

Manufacturer: Hanomag WD Multi-fuel engjne
Year: 1928
Power: 28/32 HP
Engine cc: 4.252
Engine: 4 cyl. carburettor


To be continued.


Tractor remind me childhood days. we used to visit my grandparent's village once a year in summer vacations where my sister and me always insist our uncle for one ride and if any of my cousins or sister got the ride then became very proud like a winner in competition.

Beautiful .. Yes steemit now become a place for creativity and profit
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Welcome back!

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indeed remarkable tractor manufacturer Hanomag WD Multi-fuel.with a very charming shape is not inferior to the product now.all sophisticated i like it.thanks

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Oh wow, such great engineering history.

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