[rondonson] MUSE witness proposal

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Hello friends,

Why I should be a active witness for MUSE

  • I am a witness for other graphene blockchain DECENT
  • I can maintain linux servers and update code appropriately
  • I am an underground Hip-Hop artist with lots of connections to other artists
  • I worked on the MUSE testnet and was an active witness during testnet
  • I am currently running a standby witness node for MUSE as well as publishing hourly price feeds

Server Specs

  • Xeon 4 Core (sandy bridge)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • German Location

I am a underground Hip-Hop musician so I support this project fully as an artist and as a witness. Competence and reliability are two of the most important factors of being a good witness and I have been running a witness for DECENT since the testnet last summer.

My MUSE witness account name is @rondonson you can cast a vote here https://wallet.museblockchain.com/#/vote-witness if you already have a MUSE account. Thanks!

Check out my music @ http://www.youtube.com/rondonson & http://www.soundcloud.com/rondonson


my witnesses is 'shanghai'

YO! If ya have some time , maybe you can drop in on my show #CHRONIKnCOFFEE and spit some game. I just found you on soundcloud and dig it man. It would be dope to have ya on the show. Big ups, MSP AND YOU. RESPECT