Muse has not really launched anything so why wouldn't they close it?

its a blockchain like any other. cob needs help with graphene though.

Indeed, it is also one of the reasons.

They finally credited the MUSE deposit I made. Last week they did that. And I made the deposit in January. So do you trust them? They are a bit careless. I had banged on about this for months, on, and I got a response from yunbi dev at some point, saying "it's not worth it"...

I find myself wondering if they (Muse) should expect anything else...I mean it is getting ridiculous to me to see that Muse doesnt even have a working graphene wallet when they raised as much as they did. I mean we should ask Rune from MKR how much it cost them to build their wallet from the open source one bitshares already has!

Awhile back I came to the conclusion that they do not want to do hangouts because it is a failed project. I only hold a few of them still just out of the (very small) chance that I am wrong about this.

Surprised to know this. Muse is really disappointing so far.

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