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RE: Muse in a nutshell from a purely crypto perspective

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I wish Muse well but wonder that you are compounding niches.. openledger is a very confusing environment - perhaps that tempts fewer transactions; posting on Steem, then is equally obscure - it's not obvious where else updates are put to.. Steem certainly not my first choice.

Hopefully the reality of Muse will be not bound by the success of either openledger as an exchange or by posts to just Steem. Reddit or Bitcointalk etc will have a larger audience, even if the impact of a post is less obvious the footprint will catch new users rather than the usual crowd.

Good luck - will watch with interest.


This is a good point and one of our witnesses did link this on reedit here :

Thank you for making it, we will be considerate of this in the future as well.

It's the same post.

The other advantage of having a place, is that it helps build community. Maintaining a forum will evidence that there are more than a few people interested. Steem doesn't make apparent if there is also a twitter for example.. and the forums that did exist seem neglected.. eg sees tumbleweed and spam now; still, its better standing apart from BitShares as it's too much fail there now.

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