I've read books on the constitution of the brain, and there are studies that debunk this myth. Here is an example:

Can you point me to a Siegel book that portrays his position on the subject? It might serve me well to at least see his counter position. Thank in advance :)

Thanks for the link!
The Developing Mind is definitely a must read.
Mindsight is great as well but doesn't go as deep, its an easier read for the common man :)

Read both! In that order. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Now let me save your link.

I read through it. You are correct that I am wrong in the way I stated the left-right dominance in my sentence.
Basically left and right hemispheres DO have different functions. For example language modules, contextual, logic, holistic, descriptive, closer link to emotion/limbic system, etc. Oh and not to mention the obvious example that they each control their own (opposite) side of the body!
Everyone uses both sides. Some people are simply more attuned to a certain hemisphere and can have the other one underdeveloped (Stuart is a good example of this in part 2, section 2 of Mindsight)

Anyway thanks for the read! Back to Muse stuff ^^

Yes, well said, that is a much better description of the brain :).

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