My talk on MUSE at the EUIPO

in #muse4 years ago

Explaining the Muse Blockchain to the IP crowd in Alicante Spain. I was invited to speak by the European Union Intellectual Property Office



I'm browsing through and listen to your presentation.

Is all the data we store in the blockchain remaining untouched and unchanged forever? I mean, if I decide to change part of the data, would it be possible for me?


Yes! You can update the database. What is immutable is the history of changes. Just like bitcoin, you can modify your holdings for 2 BTC to 1.5 BTC by sending 0.5 BTC to someone else. What you CAN'T do is hide the history of all your transactions.

Awesome Cob! Keep up the good work. Muse is gonna do to streaming what steemit has done to blogging. I can already see the way the blockchain is starting to change the music industry with what is happening here on steemit. Muse will take things to the next level. Exciting times ahead. Watching the video now, looks like you are doing a good job explaining this complex stuff to people. resteeming now

What got me most was the comparison to Wikipaedia in terms of the characteristics for others to edit or update. Quite interesting. Thanks.

So glad to see you back @cob, and this project was one of my favorites for years. Glad to help support it in any way possible, and glad to have donated to the original Peertracks. I have high hopes for this one...Can i resteem your post?

restreemit! Spread the word of Muse the best you can

I would like to get into Muse, how can I invest and find more information?

Right now you can buy and trade muse on open ledger and rudex, however some big things are in the pipeline!

check the FAQ section on the website
Like nevdull said open ledger and rudex are the only places to get it right now. He is a guide that might help you with that.

Awesome talk. I came across Muse on my research, so this is really helpful. Thanks. Interesting to see that European Union isn't sleeping on this.
I will definitely write about Muse and reference this post.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if the road to success and happiness were an easy one? congratulations dear @cob :)

I do not want to die without watching live. I want to watch it abroad even if possible.

I always listen and I do not listen to anything else. these are the only things I listen to except for muse, but I see that ciggling for the bird band is a voice recording but I see that the bird is very happy while listening to the music, the brisk brisk singing, he will start to talk about this time. I'm looking forward to. And what you've done about crypto is pretty good. I will get much better results.

I follow you fondly. Your music is truly spectacular. I listen without ever bored. Especially '' uprising '' I think I can die for it. And besides the pubs, your ideas about blocking and crypts are extraordinary. Everyone like me understood this. So they called you as a speaker. Now I'm going to watch the video. I take notes of your ideas and comments. Thank you in advance. I look forward to your successes. Especially your music. :))))

very good conversation cob. It will be like muse, steemite, and it will be millions of users. will experience a very rapid growth. because muse idea is an excellent idea. I inform you in the video information. @cob
Resteemed and upvote done !! shows offers at 8 bts/museol. I've got 400K notes proof -- i donated btc in 2014. Now I want to sell my 4K stake (100 old notes = 1 new museol). 5 BTS/MUSEOL would be enough as for today. Anyone interested? I will send you WIF and BTC private key for that address.

Probably @cob could buy this stake at price lower than the market? It wouldn't be hard to sell it immediately for profit, so its riskless deal ;)

Interesting talk. Good job.

I love this. This is a great idea to me. (I am new to steemit, pls I need upvote)

İ wish you continued success this 😀 it must be a great thing for you.I will continue to support you.

Awesome... Wow... U really duin a great job @cob

That's so awesome music ...
I like so much . That's the great in....
Lovely song over all...
Over all good ....I am also singer and I have a guitar ....
Thanks for sharing .. carry on your activity ...
I will wait for your next blog.

@cob wow nice post and professional work thank you ##Upvote/Resteem###

İ wish you continued success this 😀 it must be a great thing for you @cob up vote back y

It looks like very interesting. Let's try this! Thanks for the valuable speaking.

Awesome work man. Muse Is doing great work!

This is awesome @cob .
This system and management is the good. I love what you are doing. Keep it up.

It would appear that extremely intriguing. How about we attempt this! A debt of gratitude is in order for the significant talking.@cob

I'm browsing through and listen to your presentation.

Is all the data we store in the blockchain remaining untouched and unchanged forever? I mean, if I decide to change part of the data, would it be possible for me?


Great job! You explained it very well. Looking forward to where Muse goes in 2018.

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Keep up the good work ;)


Muse looks promising! Keep up this great work!

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