Deposits and Withdrawals have resumed on Openledger. Let's get some trade volume going!

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Hi everyone!

There was an issue with the Deposit and Withdrawals on the platform, which has been resolved.

You may resume trading your MUSE! To be clear you could always trade but there was no way to withdraw your MUSE holdings to the Muse blockchain and no way to get MUSE onto Openledger to trade them. All good now!

We getting together all the requirements for other exchanges to list MUSE.

To those wishing to help the project

There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Contact any exchange you think might want to list MUSE. Consider most of them want to see daily volume.
  • Trade Muse on Openledger! Not only will you be providing liquidity to the market but you will be assisting the Muse community by increasing the chances of getting listed on other exchanges.
  • Tell people about the project, and if they want to buy some, point them to to get some.

You can point newbies to the new landing page here: and which has this video explaining what Muse is in 10 minutes:

This second video can be good too, it is 30 minutes and goes into more detail for the folks in the I.P. world and the music business:

Finally there's this steemit post I made a while ago which explains some crypto details about Muse:

Spread the word and let's get volume going :)

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All openledger and cryptobridge coins are tradeable on the dex. They will be adding more over time no doubt! Any help you need bro hit me up on telegram I can point you in the direction of all the right people. Bitshares has a great community with many people willing to help.


Anyone in the BitShares community a front end dev? The Bitshares UI really needs a revamp.


Main dev has moved to another project (Steem). Community is stuck in a deadlock on the wrong state of the prisonner dilemma, namely everyone thinks why should they be the first one to show the example and make any effort without remuneration to help promoting the project for others to profit for free. This situation was created by introducing remuneration too early which destroyed all incentives for volunteering and ruined the spirit of the project. There is also very bad precedents of changing the concept too many times and stake dilutions that have created almost irrecoverable stigma in the community that makes any discussion about further dilution taboo and prevent the project from bringing in fresh blood and capital by running further rounds of crowdfunding. Note that Bitshares isn't the only promising project stuck in that state. NXT is exactly in the same position. Both projects are valuable pieces of infrastructure with a lot of potential but that have lost their mojo and are stuck in a social deadlock. The only way they could get back on track is if their communities get their acts together and accept to approve further dilution to finance a large scale crowdfunding.


No whales willing to put together 20k for a UX designer + UI revamp?


Here is a guide made by @robrigo to help you get Muse.

You heard the man go trade some Muse and help this project

Only heard about Muse a while ago, looking into it. I'm working on an article on Muse, it'll be a while until it's ready though, but I will defenitly include your videos and point to your account.
Are you involved with peertracks as well? Do you know when it will go live. Im on the mailing list and look forward to trying it out. If you have any links and resources for me where I can do more detailed research I would appreciate it. Thanks.


The new websites look very good.
Just saw that Peertracks will go live in March. Will there be a beta to try out for people on the mailing list?


I am involved in PeerTracks as well yes.
We are releasing PeerTracks soon and you will be able to listen to a lot of content. Royalties will be paid in the traditional means. Only when a song as a entry (smart contact) on MUSE will the royalties be paid out via the Muse blockchain.
The Rights Management Portal will release a bit later and allow artists to upload their content to Muse. PeerTracks will pick it up automatically and begin the transition to the new royalty paying system.


" Royalties will be paid in the traditional means. Only when a song as a entry (smart contact) on MUSE will the royalties be paid out via the Muse blockchain."
This is very good I think your competition doesn't have this dual feature, if I'm not mistaken.(And you have quite some competition as I am discovering more and more blockchain based streaming platforms in the works).
I'm looking forward to the launch. And thanks for the massive upvote:)


Good luck with your article on Muse. I'll look out for it. I just wrote a post last week on it and can't wait to see where this all goes this year.


Thx. I'll check out your post.
Yeah I'm getting real excited too. So many projects, so much potential. 2018 could be the year.

Wish you all the best, man. Kinda hard to get ahead with all this competition, but you are so passionate about what you do, people will not care that much about your project, they will want to invest in you.

I am ready to do whatever it takes to support you Muse fan. From now on, I will make all purchases from here.""
Resteem for more people to see.
I watched the 2nd video. Muse is awesome. You explain it very well and interpret it. I enjoy listening to you. Thanks Muse

go @cob !!!


Let's roll then... Thanks a lot for the good news heads-up.

Namaste :)

Well done your presentation friend @cob looking smart.. Go ahead

Thank you for your vote.

@cob, you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up and i wish you success.

wish you all the best man . you are doing great . my best regards to you .

There are lots of USDT on the order books but they can't be deposited or withdrawn right now.
When will the deposit/withdrawal service be resumed?

Thank you for your information🙏

thanks for the writing about this trade, ots helpful the people, @cob

@cob wow nice video post thank you

important information as an alternative to crypto investment. thank you @cob

Thanks for information 👍👌

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Thanks for the good news :) I heard the MUSE for the first time, I will look it.

Good post. Very inspiring and motivating. this is my account. greetings

thanks for share this are great.

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Good tips Upvoted. What do you think of bitshares? do you buy and hold? Bitshares and EOS which one do you prefare? I have open ledger and bought some bitshares directly via my steemit wallet (blocktrades) and it goes very smooth and fast. I wonder if one can buy EOS via open ledger too. Thanks for your post @cob

nice sir thank you

I hard about muse. Still I am learning. Thanks for sharing.

Hi cob, thanks for all you do for the community. I've started a new blog where I summarize BTC TA Analysts. Would love for you to take a look. Hopeful that you find it meaningful. Cheers

Nice content.

interesting so i need muse :)

First of all millions thanks for giving me an upvote and supporting a newbie like me. I wanna be your close friend and request you to keep supporting me and encouraging me.

I am a fan of MUSE. I am ready to do whatever it takes to support all Muse fans here.

Your post has been very nice. I hope you will be with us by posting better.

Your post has been very nice. I hope you will be with us by posting better.

Thank you for support

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