Cob said today in slack channel that MUSE is coming eventually on a Steem like chain and exchange rate for old token has not decided ..

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cob [12:56 PM] 

Hey everyone. Where are you guys trading MUSE?


just OpenLedger/Bitshares?

marky0001 [1:28 PM] 



There is only one place :joy:


Are you trying upset us even more :thinking_face::joy:


MUSE (MUSE) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

MUSE price, charts, market cap, and other metrics



Don't get fooled by the image of the chart line... that's not muse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

marky0001 [1:53 PM] 

Btw. When is the snapshot??


When is the new token coming?

cob [1:57 PM] 

Yes it says OL only


any volume on there? Is it still there?


New chain is working, will all music relevant features. General testing is done. We are busy documenting everything. Going to start a fresh, new public github.

Working on 2 Front Ends. First one will be a wallet, second one will be the UI for all the music data features. Musician centric FE.

Will announce snapshot and release as soon as I have:

-supporting documentation

-first FE release date

marky0001 [2:40 PM] 

Very nice


Really happy to hear it


And what about excahgen?


Will there be something we can be looking forward to?

marky0001 [2:46 PM] 

And no, there is no volume at all :(


Please move the new toke  to a good exchange

marky0001 [2:58 PM] 

And maybe cut the amount of total coins as well? Swap 1:10?


All those 1billion+ coins are not that attractive on the market or is there any advantage of having so many coins?

cob [3:27 PM] 

Reaching out to exchanges once we have the documentation for them to integrate.

Can you guys compile a list of all those that have integrated STEEM?

Muse is based on Graphene and those will be the exchanges that will have the most ease in integrating with us.


So where does one buy Muse atm?


no one is selling either?


Very interesting.

Keep us posted, please.

I'm glad Cobb is back after such a long hiatus - he was one of my favourite characters on Ren and Stimpy. Is Muse his new band?


Ill be keeping an eye on muse then.

I still have some Muse sitting in my Muse wallet.

Can someone explain MUSE to me?