You can get a free EOS account using murmur but I am also pumpingthis token on newdex, because it has a great messaging dapp and I am adding SAND to it, whoknows maybe STEEMP too?

in murmur •  last month 

MURMUR yeah i pump this every week but I am pumpin it every few days now! Am I preparing for the mASSIVE murmur pump? I use these tokens to tip people max 8 MurMur using the murmur dapp

I BELIEVE These tokens CAN BE WORTh $1 in the future when we onboard enough people and people all see the complexity of the Murmur decibel system

1 billion max supply (like eos) but only 7 MILLION circulating now THATS a crazy god deal, $0.00126 each/and WAy cheaper when you wait for the price to go back down to maybe HALF that if you wanted... but you can become a MURMUR whale and help develop a new microblogging platform WHICh can actually USE steem in STEEMP on EOS form, to tip Steem on murmur! we COULD also build in some steem main net integration :)

Come to the murmur telegram here

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