It was a rebellion against another state, for kicking them out of the country. The reason people said goodbye to Europe, because they didn't want to do anything with the king(s). Also, you can be patriotic, patriotism is not equal to loving the state or the system. Check out the Hungarian revolution, they were all patriotic and they fought against the communist system. Just like in Venezuela people like their country, but they disapprove the communist state. There is nothing wrong with the US flag. It represents the country, the nation, the states. Not the government. The government has other flags.

Actually it was a rebellion against the Fiat currency of the crown. Now we have Fiat currency under the Fed. True Patriots are anarchists

True patriots recognize We the People hold the power that we VEST, to Corporate Congress and Courts.

Ive come to realize anarchy is another way of saying decentralized power. Our forefathers envisioned it as sovereignity.

I debated many anarchists, left winger and right wingers too. They both hated patriotism.

That hated patriotism you speak of is actually blind worship of the criminally rich who Rob us and send us to die

Well, that's what they say, but they are wrong. Patriotism is about loving the country, the nation, the people, the land. Loving the government has nothing to do with it. Some definitions are pushing that, but that's wrong. The most patriotic people were the ones who fought against governments. Just think about George Washington, he was patriotic and he shot at the British. Or think about "localpatriots". Are they loving the town hall and the mayor? Or they just like their town, their people, their neighborhood?
Blindly loving the government is not patriotism, that's called statism (as far as I know). :)

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