Mexican Murals – Different Types of Wall Paintings

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Wow, what a super interesting post. Never knew there was this tradition in Mexico! Haha.. to me the murals make the tags look utterly ridiculous and I'm not sure if I'd call the creator an "artist".

What I found interesting is, that we have a similar preference. When I looked over the pictures, before I read the text, my favorite was the "the Virgin of …" as well.

Yes, murals (and the art of 'muralismo') are deeply engrained in Mexican culture. There are some really famous ones, by artists of such caliber as Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco. I think I should introduce some of their art in my next mural post. We've got some of them in our area as well.

What would interest me also, are the murals in Germany you've mentioned. What kind of projects were they? What magnitude? Who commissioned them? What were the illustrations of? Are some of them still around? Do you happen to have pictures? Would you like to make a post on them?

Like I said, I had no idea of this going on in Mexico, but I am eager to learn more about it. I am an artist (painter) myself and member of a French group called "Libellule".

Our Mexican colleagues arranged an exhibition project around a deck of cards, which seems to be very popular there. Each card has a picture and a number. I was assigned "Estrella"... hope I remembered it right: "Star". For almost 2 years our groups works have been shown in different Museums in Mexico and this in return sparked a big interest in me for the country and the rich culture. Hope to get to go there eventually!

As for the murals here, they are very different. Actually the tradition to paint whole facades of houses is more southwest of us. Here it was rarely done in the past, and my dad was a sort of pioneer, creating almost 30 in our area. I really should get some photos of them. Many are still there after 40 years!

For the traditional style in the other part of Bavaria, just take a look at this google search:

Eventually I will make one or more posts on my father's work. Thanks for giving me the idea to do that :-)

Oh, Lüftlmalerei! I never knew that was the name, but I'm quite familiar with it. I used to live in Unterfranken (small village called Rüdenhausen, Landkreis Kitzingen) and I remember seeing them (or very similar wall paintings) everywhere. Being a teenager, I remember finding them super corny. Now, my sense of corniness has turned inside out, so I can see the appeal in them... sort of. Which part of Germany are you from? Yes, please write an article about your father's work. Very impressive that after 40 years they're still up. I would love to read it.

Oh Rüdenhausen you say? I know the area, well, drove through there a few times. Looks like you've had an interesting Life. How did you get from there to Mexico?

I live in the south east, a beautiful area called the Bavarian Forest. Was once the end of the (western) world, but a lot has changed over the past few decades.

I will do a post about my father's work. Actually, I'm planing to drive around with him and see all the murals he did :-)

Hehehe, I should have known: Rüdenhausen is famous for the A3 and the LOMO Raststätte. :-) As for the places I'm "from", all my life I've been moving between Hungary, Germany, and the US. Then about a good decade ago I visited Mexico, met a beautiful woman, and ... kept coming back until I decided to stay.
Nice, so you'll be seeing what your father's murals look like these days. A father-son road trip! Sounds wonderful. It may even fill more than just one article. :-)

Of course, a woman... sounds very familiar. I followed one to the US one time... (un)fortunately it didn't last forever in that case ;-)

Yes, again a big thank you for giving me the idea with my dad. I'm really looking forward to doing that. I know he will enjoy it too :-)

You're welcome, so do I (look forward to it).

I had no idea about the street art culture in Mexico, but, how I love it. When I visited Central America, murals were every where. Half of my vacation shots were of those murals.

Indeed, there are so many, and so many good ones here, everywhere. The funny thing is, after a while you get used to them, and stop really looking at them until... you realize that you can SHOW them to others, by making steemit posts, for example. :-)