Mexican Murals – Commercial Murals for Small Businesses

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Since the Steem blockchain became a centralized, top-down dominated place, where control and censorship thrive, I have decided to move my content. Don't worry, though, all my posts and up and doing well on the decentralized Hive blockchain. Come and check it out!


Great set of advertisement type murals,yes i can see how you may be tempted into the burger place by with the persuasion of mr rocker frog looking down at you!
Did you eat there in the end?

I haven't so far... I might check it out tonight, since today is my last day in Mexico City for a while.

Awwww never mind if not,sounds like you will one day return, just for the burger if nothing else haha enjoy your last night there you lucky so and so :-)

Yeah the frog would definitely draw me in. The tooth adorning the dental office might just work on me to go for a check up lol ;)
Despite the fact that knock on wood I have always had perfect teeth.