A beautiful mural!

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On the way to work, I went through an underpass at the Ayala Avenue in Makati City, Philippines and saw a mural of a turtle swimming under the sea and I was fascinated by it because I like turtles. I also passed by an asymmetrical building and took a picture of it. There's nothing much to say about my day today but I would just like to share things I saw and what are my thoughts about it.

I would like to share another topic about the food I made and places I'd been to but I cannot put it into words. Maybe I am still adjusting because as I've told you I don't know how to write for a blog but would love to learn and I would like to share more about the Philippines. I'm a Travel Consultant/Coordinator and I've been to different country which I focused most of my time doing research and tour itinerary about them. I realized recently, my country has a lot to share for you to see.

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