📷 The Mundane as Art Round 12-Door Handles And Knobs-"Awesome Door Knoobs" by @lichtblick 📷

in mundaneart •  last year 

Hello dear Steemians

Awesome Door Knoobs

Here is my entry for #mundaneart contest by @kus-knee.  

This weeks topic is " Door Handles And Knoobs ".

Here you can find the rules


Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Very nice picture. Thanks!

so many door knobs, could be take entry on macro catagory.

Somewhere in a factory 😀😎😏😋

What a cool subject matter, and handled so well! That's an interesting collection of door knobs!

doorknobs are really beautiful to explore that's a cool shot

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I like macro photography, glossy shine and muted shades! Very beautifully! Good entry and good luck to you!

A surprising look at familiar things. Where'd you find all those doorknobs?

  ·  last year (edited)

I found them at a sundays market :-) Thank you.

i like your extraordinary photography.its really looks to attractive and beautifull. door knobs good selecting colour.best entry and i wish all the best dear.thanks to sharing for your good muted shades post... @lichtblick

Excellent photography. So beautiful. I like this👍👍👍👍

Wonderful art
I like it this photography
I appreciate your post.....

this is beautiful..different one..i think u ll get a place..good luck :)

Well when you said without editing I just looked at the picture and it's so damn beautiful and amazing, sweet camera work

Great Photography. I like it .. thanks @lichtblick

Amazing photography @lichtblick, thank you for sharing :)

Amazing shot thanks for sharing! i love yor photo ! Checkout my posts as well my freind

Wonderful photography
I like it this art, I appreciate your blog......

Beautiful door knoobs,many choice colours.I like your post.

  ·  last year (edited)

Extraordinary photography..... and awesome door knoobs.... so colourful...


Good post I just saw the picture and it's so beautiful and amazing, I hope your day is fun

Good post I recently saw this picture is very beautiful and amazing,

Woow thats great colourful photography @lichtblick