My Beautiful Mum

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Normally I say something on Facebook about this, but I'm 'Literally' sick of fb, and all the pretentious, self obsessed morons clogging up everyones pages with bullshit posts. "If you're a real friend you'll finish reading this bla bla bla bla" WTF. What's frustrating is a lot of these people, I'm associated with in one way or other. WHY!!!???

Anyway! I'll move on.

Today is the anniversary of my 'Beautiful' Mum's death. 8 years ago today she lost her battle to Breast Cancer, and I've been struggling to get over it ever since. I felt like I just needed to say something, but I didn't wan't all the idiots that hardly knew her jumping on the band wagon. At least on here no-one knew my Mum, and I can tell the world how great she is, without some prat chirping in with "Your Mum was so lovely" How the fuck would you know, You only visited every few years, and you were nowhere to be seen when she needed nursing.

God, I needed this rant. Even if no-one's reading, I'm still getting it off my chest, letting of some STEEM, so to speak; yes! pun intended.

My Mum was taken from this Earth way to soon, and I miss her every single day. Life passes us by so quickly, I know it's a cliche, but it's so true, Make the most of it, and always do things in life that make you happy, whatever that is.

Please don't comment with I'm sorry for your loss, or anything similar, cause my aim wasn't to get attention, I just really needed to write something down, for some reason it makes me feel better. Below is a picture of my Mum with my niece, I think you'll all agree, she was a beautiful Lady.

my mum.jpg

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Yo buddy, ran into you on Champs livestream. Nice to meet you, post more!!


Yea, nice to meet u bud. I will be posting more, I've recently moved house so been distracted. Once my office is set up, it'l be full STEEM ahead.

Upvoted and followed, thanks for sharing. I agree with your take on FB, haven't been back there in a few months, and very thankful to have left that cesspool alone.