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Multiplex Systems out of New York, New York has just launched a brand new system through collaboration with Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Houston, Texas.

The Lead Tool Box system is the result of collaboration between Multiplex and Naxum. This system (found at http://demo.leadtoolbox.net/) is assisting networkers and business owners across the world with all of the tools they require to build their business in one place.

This customizable duplicatable system allows network marketers to have a complete and even branded system to build their business and allow their team to us as well.

Because this system is so easy to use, networkers everywhere are discovering how to maximize their results with Lead Tool Box.

– See more at http://www.naxum.com/blog/press-release-lead-tool-box-arrived/#sthash.Y3MV0dru.dpuf


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Seems very cool.