BBT Multi-Miner v6.0 Released - includes Monero Fixes - RavenCoin - Pigeoncoin - Bulkwark

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BBT Multi-Miner v6.0 Released!
Download Here:
Github will be updated within the day. Upload was failing this morning

Major Overhall Update

*Notable Info

  • This version supports the new Monero v7 Fork update

*Miner Software Changes

  • Removed all previous miners
  • Updated Claymore Eth Dual Miner to version 11.6
  • Updated DTSM Miner to version 0.6
  • Updated CAST XMR Vega to version 0.9.2 *Monero v7 fixed
  • Updated xmrig AMD, NVIDIA and CPU version to 2.5.2 *Monero v7 fixed
  • Updated nsgminer to 0.9.4 (for neoscrypt, feathercoin)
  • Added nevermore x16r/x16s CCMiner 0.2.2
  • Added ccminer-suprnova edition 1.6.0
  • Added ccminer-enemy edition 1.3.0
  • Added Brians sgminer x16r for AMD 0.4.0
  • Added Mkxminer 3.1.0 for Lyra2rev2

*Mining Coin Changes

  • Complete restructure of menu
  • Added Ravencoin
  • Added Bitcoin Private
  • Added Bulkwark
  • Added Pigeoncoin
  • Removed all ASIC minable coins
    --LBRY Credits
  • Removed all instances of dual mining
  • Removed DBIX
  • Removed HUSH
  • Removed Bitcoin Gold

*Pool Changes

  • Removed many pools, check the pool coins are now targeted for!
  • Depricated all HODLPool but ubiq
  • Depricated all minertopia pools
  • Added Threeyed Pool
  • Added pool
  • Added Blockcruncher
  • Added
  • Added

** NOTE **
All configurations for Cryptonite need to be updated in JSON files in miners/cryptonight subfolders for appropriate coins. This will be changed in the future and consolidated to my_info.bat

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Thank you very much, your efforts are well appreciated!

Thanks for all the hard work putting this together. Great Job!