10 Muharram Lot of people make water for general public

in muharram •  9 months ago 

Today 10 Muharam in our country Lot of people make water for other in memories of that event which happen in Karbla on 61 HIjri according to Islamic clander .Reason behind this People of Kofa call hazrat Imam Hussian for safty when hazrat Imam hussain travel from Madina to Kofa in centre one place which name is karbla enemy stop Imam hussain in order of Yazeed and put term you accept my relegion but imam hussain not accept his term which are against to islam that's why yazeed stop water from imam hussain then all children and women whom with hussain they are 72 people group they all are very thirsty and never drink water from 3 days in desert and on 10 muharram Yazeed killed 72 people from this group and other die .So now this day is celebrate on that memories and distribute water among people .

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