Soon to be Mommy!!

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Good evening everyone !!! I'm here to share an exciting news with you all. My cat Muffin is expecting ... She was struggling to get pregnant past one year. Now finally she is pregnant. I hope and pray she litters healthy kittens like before. I still have one of her kittens that has grown up to be a healthy cat I have already posted about him in my last two posts.
Please my dear friends pray for my little angel.IMG_20180920_182358.jpgIMG_20180920_182439.jpg

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Wow! She’s going to have kittens soon? She’s going to have cute/beautiful kittens just like her. 🙂🙏

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Thank you @roger5120😍. We are really worried about her.

Hello @softpaws,
Your post "Soon to be Mommy!!" hast just been Resteemed !!! 😉😉😉
I'll continue it as long as you are with me..

🙂🙂🙂 If you want's to stop me, Please Unfollow @tow-heed😄😻😄

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