Did You Miss It, Trump Just Telegraphed A Message To [DS] & Anons - Episode 1756b

in mueller •  20 days ago

Mueller gets caught in a sting op. Evidence was withheld in the Flynn case, he approval to speak to the Russians. Senate confirms appointees for Trump but no judges. Border patrol defends itself over the holidays, the caravan attacked the border.US vet caught spying in Russia. The [DS] is pushing their agenda and will not stop, this is exactly what we thought would happen, they are using all their ammo. Trump telegraphs a message to all anons and to the [DS]. This message was put their on purpose.

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Thanks again, Dave. Will the world accept the truth?

Sanctions on IRAN 🇮🇷 would only benefit SATANIC ISRAEL 🇮🇱 ❗️And if this is the road your fallowing , then you don’t know SHIT‼️🤨 You wanna talk about giving money to other countries unnecessarily⁉️How about satanic Israel at $38 billion dollars a year . Thats $7,000 per minute . Are sanctions going to stop that⁉️