If You had a voice what would you say?

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I often imagine having an audience, but sometimes even in my daily life I feel unheard, I pretend it doesnt bother me.

Then I ask myself, do I really have something valuable to say? Do I have some imput that benefits the future of my circumstances? If I say this thing will I overthink it for the rest of the day and potentially bring myself to tears when my emotions get overwhelmed? I dont know.

So I remain silent, knowing that the things I do want to say may disrupt reality in such a way that If it was taken wrong my whole world could fall apart.

If such an audience that would give me mental solice existed, what would I want to put forward?

My belief in science?
My belief in math?
My belief in polyamory?
My belief in blockchain?
What exactly do I need to talk about to help build a community geared towards truth against ignorance?

Maybe my story? Maybe just ask a million questions and hope someone wants to parlay some answer?

Maybe speak on other people channels and make friends?

Maybe explain my views on death , life Sex,or drugs?
Maybe just share my family and our adventures!
Maybe talk about my passions.
Cool tech
Video games
Teaching my kids

Maybe steemit really is the place that will answer all these questions and help me build a voice.Maybe steemians are the audience that will be my platform towards abundance.
Any questions?


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