Some Acapella Rap Bars

in muaic •  last month  (edited)

Got some WWF/E references in here and being clownish too, what's new? The serious playful dude is back. (Btw I took a L with the WINK, but got a W with the ink, what? lol, bonus bars...)

LINES ahead of my time like aging on the face app
How can I fuck a beat wearing a rape mask? So if you hit playback you must be a sadistic maniac, spit so hard God granted me an exchange chance, I say give me Pac and take any mumble rapper asap, No takebacks, The UNDERTAKER will get him cremated fast, as he waves to Satan at HELLS GATE at last, "Don't say that BZ be more PG Lord," Personality matches the ATTITUDE era grabbing a few Ouija boards, till the demons quote my verses as crosses inverts and a cold, wind starts fricken blowing till I grab a hammer swinging at ghost writers like Mick Foley, Ima trap you like a genie grant me unlimited wishes, I just wanna rap so quick hand me infinite writtens, and if I win me a Grammy I ain't giving you shit bitch, no recognition even if they call me thee goat king, no one will see underneath the coat is a wolf in sheep's clothing

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I think this is cool af man clowning around with lyrics is always dope to listen to.

Thanks man, yeah gotta entertain the people lol

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