Living in London: Diary #13

in mtv •  last year

Miles sam.jpg


What a whirlwind. Last week MTV skyped me and said I won the contest. I skyped with a mentor called Kyle Platts and I realised I had no idea how to do this. Haha. So I ran to the digital print studio at CSM to find a way to print Miles on big wallpaper paper. I spent a day in the library trying to get a high quality render and an idea of the proportions. I spent my Sat night at the art shop in Angel where a really friendly dude gave me about 20 pound discount, only to realise in the chicken shop later that I wasnt allowed to use spraypaint for the job due to health and safety. The day after I spend the whole day concentrating on possible problems I might run into. Then, Monday happened. 2 days, 8-11 hours of concentration, not making any mistakes, perhaps I had a break of 15 minute per day in total. Absolutely MENTAL. I went to the opening party and felt kinda proud. I fucking did it.

I sneaked Miles into MTV.

My friend said that it was strange that I was worried that I didnt get in and I said, man, I broke so many rules and I still dont know why they picked me. I feel SO CHEEKY!!!!!

  • The contest is for young people between 18-26. I literally turned 27 the week after submission.
  • The contest is for people living in London. I moved to London 8 weeks ago.
  • The contest is for people who are into Illustration, painting and large scale work - like people who are studying or graduating in these subjects. I do literally NONE of those, my main subject is performance art. Not even sculpture.... PERFORMANCE! Literally I was the only one that had never done anything like this before.
  • They had turned down people who did spraypainting, and I rocked up saying that I had to spraypaint some parts and that it would take half an hour. After some discussion and some begging they had made way for me to spraypaint in the courtyard. I ended up spraypainting EVERYTHING for over 16 hours...
  • All painters were put in a small room to paint together. Because I broke the rules with spraypainting I spent 2 days hanging out with the MTV crew as if I had my own little studio... Even bumped my own music...

It made me just realise how ODD it is that I was selected and how lucky I am. And cheeky. Me and my big mouth.

But the thing that made me proud of my work is that I sneaked in Miles. I feel like a part of me is emulated in this picture of him that I collaged. Hes alive!!!



Here I am talking to Butler.



Miles Sam 2.jpg



Crazy few days. So crazy. I wish I had like half a day more. But its cool. Its done and dusted now. On to the next -- I am trying to reorientate my brain. What is this 2D really to me anyway? I havent drawn so much as I had in the last 2 weeks. Its like the universe is trying to tell me I should draw. But in the meantime I am seeing it as a side thing. Though my enthousiasm is coming back.

I feel like who I was when I was 16 is totally returning. Spraypainting, drawing, listening to rap music, fantasizing, dancing, fashion, feeling and looking cool. When I went to uni and Australia and Cambodia I felt like I changed so much - I gave up all of those and got (middle) classism, marketing, money, office carreer, international politics and a global view in return. Many of these experiences influence my work as a performance artist in the public space. And I am slowly combining those two. So ironic - I have come back to MTV as a company as MTV inspired my entire childhood on every level - music, music videos, art, youth culture, subculture, the Cool. I literally studied it in University.

I cant describe all of these feelings. So Ill just close off with Giggs/Danaeo.

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i love london best place

What a roller-coaster you must have been in!
Congrats you got in and all! What music did you push with the MTV DJs?


Thanks for your message bro! The story is about my friend Miles, aka the Confect and his new song called Testify. Check it out on Spotify, its really good! the Confect x Naldo - Testify:


Will do!

I don't think they turned them down because they used spraypaint. Their quality of work just wasn't up to par. I'm really digging your style. Hopefully the same passion you had when you were 16 keeps growing!


Thanks, I really appreciate your comment and compliment. All the best to you!

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nice job !!!

very super

congrats! that's dope!


Thank you bro!

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Nice! Keep up the creativity and i like the art work too! I was wondering who was miles till i read the comment below haha.