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The last 2 year or so I was watching the Magic market as a spectator with no skin in the game.

I was fascinated by it. I had played MTG when I was 13 and I knew some cards are very valuable but I was blown away how much live there is actually in the market.

Like many I am watching Alphainvestments on Youtube to get insights, news and commentary from Rudy.

If you check out you can see how much some cards actually move.

Last year I bought some sealed Booster Displays to get some skin in the game

download (1).jfif

and to start the learning journey.

If flipping Silver coins taught me something than the fact that selling product can be quite the long process and you are better off by assuming there is less liquidity and interest than there actually is because it might be surprise you how hard it can be even selling a "hot"product.

Silver will always be silver and you take a gamble with the premium you pay for certain coins with smaller mintages.

Magic cards are paper with paint on it for some and for others a treasure.

With sealed product it is pretty simple. Buy it, keep it sealed, sell it a couple of years with a profit. There the sealed box decouples of the value of the cards after some years. Of course there are print runs as well but as the supply dries up over the years its value rises and a sealed box becomes something like a collectible itself.

Single cards you have to have an idea how to grade the condition, the reserve list or if the card can be reprinted.

But overall it is way nicer to look at.

An investment you can have fun with and even play with ( you still better be careful though).

It is something totally different like Crypto or stocks and it is fun to learn the unique way the markets work.

It will still take some years till I can think about selling and experience how hard / easy it is to liquidate certain positions but I really enjoy slowly building a Magic the Gathering portfolio.

With the singles I will stick to revised dual lands as I think they are such a staple and for me the safest bet to not do too much wrong.

With displays it is a bit different as the storage might become a problem but I would like to get 1 or 2 from every release but that might even get a bit much with the amount of product coming out and a collectors edition.


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This post has received a 54.35 % upvote from @boomerang.

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