New MTG Saheeli Rai Commander Deck

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Happy Tuesday Steemit!

I picked myself up a late birthday gift today in the form of a brand new Commander Deck.

Saheeli Rai has been a favorite of mine for a while, and a new Planeswalker version of her made me pretty happy.
I've tried to make Saheeli Commander decks before, but I always got my ass kicked:(

Hopefully this trend will end now.

This deck comes with 3 foil cards that can all be used as commanders.

Saheeli herself seems pretty good, and the 2nd plus one is going to be great to get out big spells for cheap.
She also creates her own blockers in the form of servos.

Tawnos, Uzra's Apprentice seems like it will be fun when i get some gearhulks in this deck...

Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer will also be super fun if I can make some token copies of Combustible Gearhulks. I could have 10 to 15 tokens pretty easily in this deck, and if I could make them all 6/6 with first strike, I would smile:D

There are a bunch of thopter creators in this deck, and that seems to be the thing to keep happening here.


The fact that these will be thopters and not servos is great, since I will be able to block flying!

There are couple of really powerful spells that I've never seen before.

Both of these could help me make it rain gearhulks:D
Echo storm could be brutal in some of the games I've played against @kommienezuspadt. We tend to kill each others' commanders often...

There are a couple of game changing creatures in here too.
The Veldaken Humiliator could sway many of the games I've played in the past against creatures that are indestructible, or creatures that say you can't lose the game as long as they are on the battlefield.(like the awful Platinum Angel)

The Steel Hellkite could get rid of sooooo many problems for me, especially if I give it haste.

I am looking forward to testing this deck out tomorrow:)

@kommienezuspadt and @vermillionfox should be around soon, so I can destroy them with Saheeli Rai!

Blessings Steemit.



Blessings Steemit.

Blessings to you too, @tarotbyfergus

Hvala @lighteye:)

Нема на чему, драги мој пријатељу @tarotbyfergus :)

You just taught me another phrase, dragi moj prijatelju:D

Awesome post @tarotbyfergus! Commander is my favorite format in magic.

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