New STEEMIT Exclusive Hip Hop Track "Just HODL" Produced by @sirlunchthehost Ft @jamesgetsit.

in mspwaves •  9 months ago

Hey everyone! @sirlunchthehost here and today me and @jamesgetsit are proud to bring you something super dope.
True Steemit Blockchain Underground Hip Hop.
This is Track 1 off the Coming Mixtape.

Just HODL ft @sirluchthehost & @jamesgetsit
Beat Produced by @sirlunchthehost
Lyrics by @jamesgetsit
Released Under: MSP Waves Records.

Here at MSP Waves Records we are dedicated to bringing you music that is relative to you and your life. True hip hop reflects our lives.

More Music Coming from More Steemians

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Ya'll are grinding!!!! This is awesome!!! :D Yay MSPWaves Records!!!!


Is there any other way? #grindtime

I'm not sure about the Hennesy and vanilla coke but the rest of it wasn't too shabby.


It does actually go well together, lol. Thanks for checking it out!

Even bear market bear sings hodl

Good stuff you 2. Loved it.


Hahaha, love it. Sat there and watched it for at least a minute until I realized that couldn't possibly be a bear. Appreciate you checking it out!

dopeness right here! This needs a proper video @jamesgetsit @sirlunchthehost

STRAIGHT FIREEEEE! "Dollar goin down and shit but crypto can't be counterfeit!" 🔥

THIS IS TIGHT! "calm down just hodl".. mannn i like your stlye @jamesgetsit. you hold ya own each time! REspect.... digging the beat too @sirlunchthehost . tight track fellas

Fuckin' hell this is fresh to deffffff


@sirlunchthehost is a beast on that production!



Yooo, thanks for checking it out dude.


All day err' day

Really nice chords @sirlunchthehost where did you learn those?

Yessss! Massive tune and crypto lyrics on a hip hop tip. Beautiful!


Appreciate you checking it out my dude!


Yo man, you are seriously grinding hard man. Appreciate what y'all are doing for the community, keep going!

Yoooooo so dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Way to much cruising for my liking. Not my favorite.

Calm down... Just HODL... Nice spin on the Humble chorus... I fucks with it...


Been listening to a lot of Kendrick lately... Shit just seeps in.

Yup, James gets it! :)


I try, hahaha... Appreciate you checking it dude!