Schedule of shows, podcasts & open space broadcasts - week beginning 24 February 2020

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Up and running again with the weekly listings.

The Tron announcement last week, followed swiftly by the long awaited launch of Communities on Steem, has definitely upped the buzz factor around the blockchain, and that is beginning to be reflected in growing numbers attending the shows.

If you have ever wondered about hosting a show yourself now would be a great time to get started. Just contact @r0nd0n at MSP Waves or @shadowspub at The Ramble if you have an idea that you would like to explore.

And I am always happy to chat if you need some general advice - just message me on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

New Show - SteemKnights

I've only picked up on one new show this week.

SteemKnights are starting a regular Development Stream to update fans and followers on the development progress of the game.

The stream normally goes out on Mondays, 7pm UTC, on @threespeak and Twitch. Just this week it is on Tuesday!

The Steeming Pile with @johnspalding & @pennsif

Now in its 4th week, going out on Tuesdays at 3pm UTC on Vimm, 3Speak and DLive.

This week's guests include @donald.porter from @reggaesteem.

In case you missed it, here is the recording of the last show with @andrarchy and @sgt-dan...

If you know of any other relevant shows that I haven't included in the listings below please do put the details in a comment below or DM me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) . Also please let me know of any changes to the shows already listed.

The times for the shows are all shown in Coordinated Universal Time UTC/GMT. There are numerous sites on the web for converting UTC to your local time, for example

SteemRadio : schedule of shows for week beginning 24 February 2020

DayTime (UTC)StationShow
Tue 25 Feb12am - 2amMSP WavesClown World with @r0nd0n
Tue 25 Feb1am - 2amFacebookCrypto Mondays with @jongolson
Tue 25 Feb3pm - 4pmVimmThe Steeming Pile with @johnspalding & @pennsif
Tue 25 Feb4pm - 5pmThe Alliance CastleToo Nuts with @enginewitty & @jackmiller
Tue 25 Feb6pm - 7pmGreen House Radio Online2fer 2sDay with @queenofsmoke
Tue 25 Feb6pm - 8pmRambling RadioCuration Corner with @artemisnorth & @shadowspub
Tue 25 Feb7pm - 9pm3SpeakSteemKnights Development Stream with @mrbandler
Tue 25 Feb9pm - 10pmInner BlocksThe Inner Blocks with @freedompoint & @freedomtowrite
Tue 25 Feb9pm - 11pmSMAKnow What I Mean with @termitemusic
Tue 25 Feb10pm - 11pmMSP WavesThe Scaredy Cat Investor Show with @ScaredyCatGuide
Wed 26 Feb10pm - 11pmThe Alliance CastleHump Day Hustle with @enginewitty
Thu 27 Feb1am - 3amMSP WavesMarky On Air with @themarkymark
Thu 27 Feb4pm - 6pmRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Thu 27 Feb10pm - 11pmMSP WavesDiscomfort Zone with @orlev
Fri 28 Feb12am - 2amRambling RadioPimp Your Post Thursday with @shadowspub
Fri 28 Feb1am - 2amFacebookThursday Night Live with @jongolson
Fri 28 Feb1am - 4amMSP WavesFull Force Radio with @crimsonclad
Fri 28 Feb5pm - 6pmRambling RadioWords With Witty with @enginewitty
Fri 28 Feb6pm - 10pmMSP WavesSpotlight On The Artist with @d-vine & @onemedia
Fri 28 Feb10pm - 11pm3SpeakFinally Friday with @cryptofinally & @coruscate
Sat 29 Feb3am - 5amMSP WavesJoculation with @lpfaust
Sat 29 Feb5pm - 7pmMSP WavesMeadows & Makers with @makinstuff
Sat 29 Feb7pm - 9pmMSP WavesSteemwaves Saturdays with @crimsonclad
Sun 01 Mar1am - 3amMSP WavesMeme The News with @aggroed
Sun 01 Mar3am - 4amMSP WavesMonster Maverick with @nealmcspadden
Sun 01 Mar5am - 7amMSP WavesCoffee and Philosophy with @clayboyn
Sun 01 Mar7pm - 9pmMSP WavesTopics & Tunes with @carrieallen
Sun 01 Mar9pm - 11pmMSP WavesLazy Sun Daze with @mckenziegary
Sun 01 Mar11pm - 1amMSP WavesSteem Town Hall with @aggroed

[ graphics from @pennsif ]

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