📌 Post Up S1E5 - Thursdays 🕚 11PM UTC live on MSP Waves 🌊. Curation, Engagement, Prizes! 💲

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Post Up is a live curation podcast. Audience members are invited to present a post from any social media platform or blog. The post can be yours or someone else's as long as it contains original meaningful content. Posts may consist of images, words or music. Mature content is acceptable, with discretion, as long as an NSFW warning is provided. The show hosts will encourage follows, upvotes, likes and comments. Each week, the audience will select the top three posts to receive a prize of cash or crypto. All posts presented will be curated for our blog. Get ready to Post Up!

📌 Post Up - Thursdays 🕚 11PM UTC

Hosted by @movement19 & @recoveryinc

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You can listen and watch on mspwaves.com
To participate join the live chat in the PAL Discord

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📌 Post Up S1E5

I know a lot of you missed the show last week and we all missed the week before, so let's play catch up.

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At the beginning of today's show we are going to start going over some housekeeping just to keep things moving along smoothly and be sure everyone is on the same page. The audience is the reason we do this show and we want everyone to have the best experience possible.

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Last week's episodes

Here is the link to watch the previous episode.

Here you will find all of last week's posts curated for your enjoyment.

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