📌 Post Up S1E3 Thursdays on MSP Waves 🌊. Content Curation. ✅ Vote Your Favorite Posts.

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Post Up is a live curation podcast. Audience members are invited to present a post from any social media platform or blog. The post can be yours or someone else's as long as it contains original meaningful content. Posts may consist of images, words or music. Mature content is acceptable, with discretion, as long as an NSFW warning is provided. The show hosts will encourage follows, upvotes, likes and comments. Each week, the aincet e top three etto receive a prize of cash or crypto. All posts presented will be curated for our blog. Get ready to Post Up!

📌 Post Up - Thursdays 🕒 3PM & 🕚 11PM UTC

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📌 Post Up S1E3 - Recap & Curation

Each week, after both showtimes, we will compile and curate all of the posts which were presented on Post Up. We will then ask the participants and our followers to select which post they like the most by commenting on this post

📌 Post Up Curation August 20th, 2020



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MARRY ME - original song on piano // CASATE CONMIGO - música original en piano by @marian0

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My first Tiny Music Video for Sale on NFTshowroom. by @soundwavesphoton

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City lights in the Night of the Bookstores by @ailindigo

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Forever Blooming! Latest artwork! 14 hours! by @poeticsnake

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El pánico - Microrrelato para el Concurso Monstruoso by @arlettemsalase

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Aliens Implants and the unthinkable by @opidia

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Testing pixel art step by step ~ Probando pixel art paso a paso 20/08/2020 Goldfish [eng/esp] by @thisnewgirl

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Kimchi Fear by @mineopoly

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Please comment with the number of your favorite post so that we may pick the top 3 posts to receive a prize this week 🏅.

Be sure to follow, upvote/like & comment the posts you enjoyed most.

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🎆 Last week's WINNERS❗️ 🎆

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1st Place - Table games / Juegos de mesa // Family Traditions Contest by @sultnpapper by @tripode

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2nd Place - Clarity to understand what we don't know || Claridad para entender aquello que no conocemos. [ESP-ENG] by @auelitairene

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3rd Place - HIVE Twitter Users Need to Remember This Neat Trick! by @klye

See you next week!

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