Songwriter Shop Talk Steembirds Full Recording

in mspwaves •  6 months ago

Of course as it always happens, I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen and the results speak for themselves. We talked about music, we talked about sandwiches, we talked about bitbots, our vision for Steem and many other things that probably you would not expect to talk about in a show about "music" but.... Nobody complained!

We got away with it... ;)

Here is the Full Recording

A Giant thank you to everyone that came

It was a special night indeed. If you are wondering how does this all work, how do you participate of these amazing shows. The answer is quite simple, you need to get into MSP/PALNET and become part our amazing powerful community.

Until next time my friends

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It was a fun ride, mate! Yeeeeew!

Congrat.for the success!!
Great community creates doenfid work.
Looking forward to join in!


Oooh can't wait to give this a listen later! Love the @steembirds!! @jaybird gave me a lot of great advice on writing music a while back and alas i'm still working on writing my first song LOL...but I appreciated his kindness and willingness to help me! I can only imagine how fun this interview was!


we got a little ridiculous at times! but we had tons of fun... i was under a lot of pressure... the deal was if Dan got bored, i had to self flag full 100%

So I had to make sure he was entertained...


bahahah that's a good bet! I don't see any flags so I take it you guys kept things pretty entertaining. lol


Yes... believe it or not Dan said I could have a self upvote... So I think mission accomplished...

Btw @coruscate before you listen in... Cuz this is important for context, tell me your thoughts on this. @jaybird was all confused by it.


I think this looks like heaven on plate. I'm a total carnivore. LOL

That BUN though!! OMG I've never seen anything like that!

WUO Congratulations, when I have an opportunity I will inform myself about that community to join

Oh man - why is the Canadian vs the rest of the world conversations always so stupidly cringe. Blah.

He didn't even say "about" differently.

@jaybird you play a dispensary gig? You will have to take me to chill if I ever come to visit.


I agree.... In any case, we had fun and that's what matters.