MSP Waves Radio Android App Released on Google's Play Store

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MSP Waves Radio Android application is now available on the Google Play store for android devices. You can listen to all your favorite radio show hosts on the in the car, at work, or where ever you use your smartphone. The MSP Radio App features live radio shows broadcast from DJs around the world. You can find the chatroom for these live events inside the Peace Abundance and Liberty Discord located here.



High-Quality Audio

320kbps streaming quality makes for a great listening experience. The MSP Radio App not only has a high-bitrate stream but it's also data friendly for mobile phones and tablets.


Save the favourite shows you enjoy to be able to get reminders for when the air. Just select the radio show by tapping the "heart symbol."


Check for what shows are coming up later in the day, or any day of the week.

Low Impact

The MSP Radio App only uses 4mb of space and also uses minimal system resources.





Download Link

You can find the MSP Radio application on the Google Play Store.

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So awesome!! And I love that you streamlined it to not wear down the battery as much! Great work Graylan! I'm sharing this!


Thank you! I really appreciate your help with testing as well!

Always be the reas0n 0f s0me0nes happiness never just a part 0f it. Be a part 0f s0me0nes sadness but never the reas0n f0r it.

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Looks like a great progression for MSP Waves... Something i'll use when on the move or on the road.

Great Work!

Great work mate, to bad i haven't got an android :(

you are truly brilliant my friend, thanks for helping me try and gain 1/1000th of your knowledge!!

Caught onto this one a bit late, I see. Looks awesome, Gray. Will be downloading this for sure.

Great work Gray... i waiteed for something like that ... and here it is :)

You legend! This helps landpirates ALOT!!