Jane's CHAOS Show - at 6pm Central US: No BS with Rich Quitliano

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Jane's CHAOS Show - in 3 Hours: Deep State Edition

Hard Hitting News, Commentary and Music Mag


Jane's CHAOS Show today on MSP Waves Radio!

Hello dear Listeners.
CHAOS at Globo's! I tell ya more during the broadcast.

This will be the last show before we start broadcasting from Studio 21-D in Panamá City after a short break, during which we either replay a previous show or Pirate the Heck outta CHAOS.

As you know, Jane has to master challenges in her family just now, and we look forward to having you back full-time on the Show as soon as everything stabilizes on your end, dearest Jane.

I will try to be back live and in techno-color as soon as possible... watch this space....

Well then,

What's on today?

I have a lot prepared for today's show. Let's see:

On the News front:

  • We will cover the Florida murder and take a closer look at the 'Amazing Four' kids who are professionally appearing on every mainstream network in the US and internationally to rid Americans of the Second Amendement.
  • It's the FBI directed by the Deep State to let the suspect buy his gone and bye his life, drenched in Psychotropic drugs - MK-Ultra style...
  • I will cover the US-Russia Showdown in Syria and the lies put out by DeepState media and UN that Assad is 'bombing his own citizens'. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Is the Russian Collusion Probe heading into 911 territory? I suspect some will become bed-wetters in D.C.


  • Nancy Pelooni: Mowtown
  • ... and 2 episodes of The Don-Father by @jimitations
  • Ben Garrison

Steemian Post of the Week

Rich, a dear friend from my early days here on Steemit, is joining Jane's CHAOS show to talk about his own experience with the CPS, family courts, and how a deliberately broken system tears family apart.
Rich and I go way back to May 2017. We finally connected yesterday, and I am pleased to have him on the show.


  • Sweden gets rid of Cash
  • Sustainable Development: Code Word for Enslavement...

... all wrapped into the typical @disarrangedJane Music Selection that isn't really typical of anything, of course, all in 432 Hz as on any show with @globocop.

Be there or be nowhere at 6 PM Central US, 12 Midnight UK.


How To Listen

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You may also watch the Discord Chat on our video feed using VLC, a free video player available for all common operating systems.

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Here s how to watch and listen on VLC:

VLC -> Media -> Open Network Stream -> rtmp://stream.mspwaves.com/live/live -> and press PLAY!

A Colorful Radio Magazine

Jane and I are presenting three hours of colorful radio magazine time, during which we

  • dissect the news,
  • anlyze geopolitical events,
  • raise questions,
  • provide life hacks, and
  • look at our CHAOTIC lives in a light-hearted way, all
  • wrapped in awesome music...

...while taking ourselves not too seriously. The show is produced by Jane! It's passionate, fierce and emotinally charged and I am honored to ride shotgun with Jane...

Why not tune in to Jane's CHAOS Show if can?

Thank you for reading.


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Christopher "The Hat" Hatfield @globocop

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