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A Shimmer of Sanity Left In Unlawful EU?

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What Was and Still Is

According to USA Today's article, the EU member states are required to end the mental illness induced practice of changing their clocks twice a year.

Currently, clocks are set forth an hour every last Sunday of March and returned to their proper time zone setting every last Sunday in October.

This was done to 'save energy'. The irrationality of such a project has never escaped my consciousness, and it angered me tremendously having to go through this insane time change ritual year in, year out. Many states in the US have followed this bizarre logic and I can only hope that they, too, come to their senses.

Not All Joined The Madness

Living now in Panamá, I was pleased to learn to be spared the Clockenspiel nonsense twice a year. While living in the U.K., it spelled nothing but an inconvenience for me personally and professionally.

Why Daylight Savings Time is Idiocy

Having worked as Head of Operations, Transformation and Communication in many FTSE 100 global companies in Europe, the artificially induced jetlag has brought zero benefits to any of the employees or our company operations, particularly when dealing with different global time zones, that chose to change their clocks at other times. Human arrogance and pride turn into stupidity - that's the way I saw it.

Why the change?

The Eurocrats figured out that it the projected savings didn't materialize. In addition, adverse health effects were evident - not that the Eurocracy cares about human life or well being - but it had a negative economic and financial impact on the unlawful EU.

MSP-Waves To Breathe A SIGH of Relief?

Heading Operations for @msp-waves, I am breathing a relief sigh only when North America follows suit, ending the senseless practice of taking a piece from one end to add it to the other end, repeating it seven months later. It is confusing enough for most listeners and DJs to orient ourselves on UTC time ( But it IS manageable when the time difference is a constant, not a moving variable.

Good News & Hope

As the fall of the Berlin Wall has shown us, insanity and evil don't prevail. They fall for a reason.

I hope the same will come true for the unlawful, fascist superstate and their enforcement organizations, the EU Police, the EU court, the EU Army, all of which have no lawful jurisdiction over any human being.

To that end, I hope that the EU superstate and their purveyors also find their end, just as their clock cockery will come to an end in 2019.

I HOPE the people of Europe will throw those responsible for the EU and their countless crimes against humanity in jail - forever, so that people may for once have a hope for freedom and the preservation of their culture, language, border and for once again being able to speak freely.

Thank you for reading.


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Lol I was just getting used to UTC and GMT and I had no idea how it was in the EU. I'm ready to move on to star-dates and get treky just to make it easier.

Stardate 25.8748 AS (after sanity, the year criminal entity Clinton started to occupy the White House)

It is our mission to seek out new life and intelligent civilizations,,,,, we better move on from the Clinton camp quickly then lol ;)

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