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Greetings, Steemland!

🎶It is I! Your favorite Sunday DJ!🎶

Today's Topics:


Random (weird) things have happened ... or were documented.

🎠Audience Choice!🎠

I'll talk about anything...maybe...


I didn't make the fancy 'able to play live' Wits & Wagers game yet... It's on the list. But we can play other things!😍

Disclaimer: I am NOT a journalist. I am a commentator, at best. I simply share my thoughts and opinions on topics. gun emoji all black.pngThis has been your friendly neighborhood trigger warning. Have a great day!😍

Today's Tunes:


Carrieallen not to be held responsible in the event the 'plan' is thrown out the window and completely different topics and tunes are discussed/played.

Where to tune in:

🌊 MSPwaves.com



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To all the moms out there!



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