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Greetings, Steemland!

🎶It is I! Your favorite Sunday DJ!🎶

It's time to wow you with my wordy ways-

to dazzle you with tunes I play.

So jump online,

put yer headphones in,

Grab that bottle of wine-

It's Sunday, let's begin. 😎

Today's Topics:

Your guess is as good as mine... Though, fair warning, it may be mostly music and a few games today.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a journalist. I am a commentator, at best. I simply share my thoughts and opinions on topics. gun emoji all black.pngThis has been your friendly neighborhood trigger warning. Have a great day!😍

Today's Tunes:

Witchy Stuff... Spooky? Halloween themed? Meh. May just end up in the 80s...

Carrieallen not to be held responsible in the event the 'plan' is thrown out the window and completely different topics and tunes are discussed/played.

Where to tune in:

🌊 MSPwaves.com



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Disclaimer: This isn't EVERY time zone. Did I miss you? Let me know and I'll add ya to the chart!

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