@stellabelle to star on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall this Sunday Night 9-11 EST (2,000 SP delegation contest and 50 SBD inside).

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I don't know if you've met this young lady, her name is @stellabelle. She's kinda a big deal around here. You know... 6,000+ followers. One of the first active accounts on the platform. She's got puppets of puppets. You know her. You love her. She's Stella!

So, anyway(s) she and I have been chatting it up for a few months now. Nice lady. She's a member of the Steemit Broken Hearts Club too I think (anyone reading this is likely to be in it). We've been getting along swimmingly. Anyway, she ran a Steemfest contest for minnows, which as you might have guessed as the founder of the Minnow Support Project I was glad to see. She's constantly resteeming folks, sometimes getting in a wee bit of trouble with some of steemit bad boyz, but generally she's out there making waves.

Well, this time she's not just making waves she'll be riding them on MSPWaves radio! She'll be with none other than MSP Top 20 Witness turned MSP Waves DJ SkankyJ!!! It's the first on air Steemit celebrity I'm gonna bring on and you won't want to miss it. Not just cause she's got some cool shit she's got to talk about, but also because I'm going to bribe the shit out of you to listen.

To listen to the show go to the PALnet discord group and join the mspwaves-audience text chat and also listen in from mspwaves.com/listen.

2,000 SP Delegation Contest

We're gonna award 2,000 SP worth of delegation in the chatroom that night. It's gonna be yuuugggeee. There are two ways to participate. (Actual delegations will likely take place sometime on Monday).

  1. You complete the scavenger hunt below and be in the audience on Sunday night for a shot at 1,500 SP.
  2. You show up during the show and recruit folks while the show is on air.

Dice Bitches!

If you've been on the show before you know I have a penchant for Dice. I'll do 2 dice contests for 25 SBD each. So, I'll giveaway 50 SBD during the show. Good times!

Scavenger Hunt Details

  1. Resteem this post.
  2. Make a post.
  3. When you complete the post link it in the comments below.
  4. Use the tags mspwaves, minnowsupportproject, palnet, and scavengerhunt (you can pick the last one, but it should be funny).
  5. I'll resteem anyone that completes these steps.

Scavenger Hunt shit to do

This contest will cost you 0.1 SBD. 1 delegated Steem Power. And take you ~20-30 min.

  1. Explain what you're doing and why you're doing it at the start of the post.
  2. Take a screen shot showing you have voted for at least 1 witness. It can be anyone... doesn't matter. Just make sure you voted for someone at www.steemit.com/~witnesses. If you're wondering who to vote for check out the minnowsupportproject.org website and look at the leadership page.
  3. Join the Minnow Support Project official Discord Chatroom called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network: https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw. Take a screen shot of you telling a joke in the "general-noposting" channel.
  4. Take a screen shot of you telling any of the jr mods, mods, or sr mods, that you appreciate the fact that they dedicate time to support minnows making their way on the platform and/or give them any other compliment.
  5. Use the @lovejuice bid bot to put a vote on a post that isn't your post (make a transfer of 0.1SBD and put a post URL of someone else's post in the transfer note). Take a screenshot.
  6. Make an original piece of art, haiku, or 55 word flash fiction story. Include it in your post.
  7. Leave a comment on a friends blog post letting them know about this contest and take a screen shot of that too.
  8. Delegate 1sp or more to any MSP bot of your choice. Take a screen shot. (5-50 to minnowsupport or msp-shanehug will get you an automatic vote from an MSP bot). Use this link to get your delegation done- https://mspdelegator.herokuapp.com/mspdelegator (Putting a delegation on is instant, taking it off takes 7 days, to remove simply repeat the exact same process but choose 0 as the Steem Power amount). If you have 50 SP or less you are excused from section 7.

If you complete all 7 steps and put your post in the comments below then I'll resteem it from @aggroed (to return the favor of your resteem from step 1).


Everyone that was eligible for the scavenger hunt award and is present during the show will be placed in a lottery and during the interview section we'll use a publicly visible dice roll to determine the winner. In the event of a 1 being rolled the delegation will be pushed to next week's show.

Contest 2 (500 Steem Power Delegation)

Once you're in the chatroom for the show start recruiting people. Every time you recruit someone you get your name added as a recruiter and they get their name added as a recruitee. We'll roll dice to see which pair wins. The recruiter can choose to keep or split the 500 SP delegation. In the event I roll a one we push it to next week.

Additional Rules

These delegations are meant for minnows. If you have earned less than 5000 SP you're eligible to win for yourself. Anyone can choose to play for someone else (as long as that person has earned less than 5,000 SP). Here's the thing. The delegation sticks around until you have earned the 5,000 SP. So, this isn't necessarily a 1 week or 1 month thing. Could be there for a few months. Wouldn't that be cool!?!

Dice Bitches (rules)

Up for grabs is 25 SBD (we'll do this twice)
Aggroed rolls dice using the "t!dice 15d15" command.
You then do the same. If you beat or tie the roll you get moved to the next round.
If you get less than Aggroed you don't get to roll in the next round.
You can tell which round we're in because it will start with 15d15, then move down to 14d14, then 13d13 and so on.
On the last roll if Aggroed wins we start from scratch. If there is someone standing (doesn't have to be a Minnow) I'll send you 25 SBD.
If Aggroed wins the second round then we'll just do a 1d100 and highest roll wins. In the event of a tie there will be another roll off.

On this show because there's a 50 SBD instead of the normal 25 SBD at stake we'll play through "Dice Bitches!" twice.

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Another project to help support the talent,
We all appreciate the help by someone so gallant,
We are grateful for providing us with so many genuine bots,
We are very thankful for another contest, thanks a lot.

Sweeeeeeeetness! I'm so on this! UPvoted. REsteeming and getting thru the steps!

@aggroed, does this have to be a new delegation to the bots? I'm already delegating to msp-creative and centerlink.

This does sound pretty awesome regardless.


No. If you're already delegating that counts!

Wow, challenge accepted! Keep up my fellow minnows. :) also, super excited to hear your new friend on air!

Sweet! Cool contest and I'd love to catch the show with Stella. Found her a few days back, great Steemian, nice posts, much community...!

I made up a little tune to celebrate @stellabelle 's appearance on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall tonight. Looking forward to the show.


Sounds awesome. Mind if I play on the show?


Be my guest. It's an honour :)

Awesome!!!! I cant wait to hear @skankyj and @stellabelle on mspwaves.. This is going to be great!!!!! And very generous of you to give away so much!! nice job @aggroed and @stellabelle

As usual im in disbelief how awesome and supportive steemit continues to be. you guys make for an incredible community, and i cant thank you guys enough for it!
here is my post! i followed the instructions and included all the screenshots
unfortunately i do have less than 50 sp so i didnt do that part. just a heads up.


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I can see this working out nicely for you keep up the good works

Great idea - I learned quite a bit by the end:


Unfortunately @lovejuice doesn't seem to be sharing the love - I tried two different posts and it didn't post a comment on them yet. Maybe it is busy posting for other people. Anyway, I included a snapshot of my wallet showing I sent the SBD with a link - hopefully it does the rest later!

one of the biggest deal i know

she is one of he biggest fishes in the river

Those look like really good carrots!

Thanks for your hard work and dedication @aggroed



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great post and your sharing

This sounds really complicated, so I can't compete. But I look forward to hearing the show!


Exactly! These MSP contests are so stupid! Many minnows fell for it because of the reputation of the organizers and the MSP project. But constantly organizing contests in such a way will soon kill its reputation. Unfortunately there are always new people joining in on the platform and they think they would gain something by taking part in such contests but later on they realize that they actually became victim of it. It takes a lot of work and receive peanuts in rewards, if any. I'd recommend all minnows to better invest their time in what they do the best i.e. keep blogging, commenting and interacting over the blog platform. That will pay them much better in the long run.


Well, it's all voluntary so do as you will.

Sadly, I think you're foolishly wrong here.

The contest asks you to write
Join a social group
Use a bidbot on another
Give a compliment to a mod
Learn how to delegate
Force yourself to learn to witness vote.

The contest is attempting to incentivize you to learn the shit you need to do to go from minnow to dolphin. It's frustrating to see you miss how this is essentially minnow 101.

The resteem is also designed to help. You minnows have a few hundred followers. I have 5.4k. Again, the split is about learning to use promotion to help you grow. I'm pretty sure my 5.4k resteem provides substantially more value than yours.

Accusing MSP folk especially the founder of negative intentions borders on idiotic. The mods and witnesses spend hours helping folks grow, and as a team there isn't anyone better suited to help on the entire steemit block than msp.

I suggest you rethink your criticism and see this as Steemit 101 homework purposely designed to help folks grow.

Lastly, 1500 SP until you hit 5k on your own is likely worth over 100SBD. Find me another prize in a contest that large outside of steem fest ticket giveaways, which I've already done 3 personally and helped on multiple others, and I'll be quite surprised (especially if it's limited to minnows).

ha ha, this is the funniest part:

this young lady

I AM 47!!!!!!

Def. not a "lady"....ok, I can deal with it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on your show. I am happy to have the opportunity! (Please send me a text message on Sunday before the show....you know how I am!)


Will there be a recorded version of the show? I love to listen to the show but I will not be on my pc at that time. I will love it if I can get a recorded version of the show link. @stellabelle you have a great personality. Thank you.


i think that there is no recorded version...sorry


This sounds awesome. I gotta catch the show for sure, it sounds like it will be a blast.

Very good post @aggroed

This sounds really interesting :)

I trust it's gonna be a great show. Can it be uploaded on youtube or something for some of us that might not be part of it?


Music license doesn't allow that.


Oh OK.... Thank you for the info.

I absolutely LOVE @stellabelle, one of my favorite people here. I, unfortunately, will not have time to participate in the contest, this time around. I have an article to write and need to run some errands lol but hopefully next time! Good luck to everyone that participates!

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great contest -- so many ways to win -very imaginative

OMG! The post title and first couple of paragraphs created a lot of excitement in me but reading further took the shit out of me. It's a hell lot of rules and expectations from minnows to abide by! Is this a contest or some trade? You are not offering any award but paying them for doing all the promotion for your own project. And the payment too is not assured! Most of these Minnows contest sucks! These shouldn't be called contests but a paid labor. You assume every minnows to be so greedy that they will do it all for whatever you have on offer here? Are you promoting minnows or greed!


Actually! These steps can serve as a jumpstart for minnows and introduce them to many ways they learn and receive support on Steemit. All of their projects are to either support minnows or promote the creation and curation of great content! I definitely learned a couple things. Like how to make center text for my haiku!!

Thanks @aggroed & @stellabelle <3


Well @avesa, it's true that they are apparently making efforts to help noobs & minnows but is this actually helping them considering the opportunity cost of the time invested here? No doubt minnows must be getting something out of it but my question is if it is really worth the input of all the time and effort it demands? It's good if you are learning something from these contests but I feel you can probably learn more if you were doing something else rather.

I see, you are all set to participate in this contest so I don't intend to discourage you.
And I liked your haiku too though I dunno what does "flying fallacy" mean 😉

Wishing you all the very best for this contest!


Fair enough. I think so :)

Haha, thanks! It's for the reader to determine. SUPER deep stuff


I'm giving away 1500 SP in delegation to the winner. The total cost is .1sbd, 1 resteem, and delegating 1 SP. In return you have a shot at winning 1500SP for even several months which is likely worth $100 USD. You'll get a resteem by one of the largest accounts on Steemit. The .1 SBD you spent will help your friend. Voting for witness will make you a better Steemian regardless of who you vote for. Can't give 1500 SP to everyone. So, I'm using a combination of effort and luck to determine who gets it.

Your choice not to participate.

Very much Interesting ... Need to keep an eye... Voted!!!

8 Steps a little hardcore for me but good contest !


It's 1500 Sp for potentially a few months. Wurfit!


Then it is worth !

thank you so much for hosting this @aggroed and @stellabelle this is amazing. thank you for hosting something so rad and helping us minnows out!

Voting for etch other

This is a very wonderful way of helping the minnows, @aggroed and @stellabelle you are both doing great for us. Although I am yet to understand how the contest works, but even at that I really commend you for the great work ahead. @stellabelle is a very passionate person I might want to add. Well done sir aggroed.

Good job, keep going @aggroed

Oh. Good news and job. This is very nice)