Random Ass Radio and Meme the News

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Tonight is Saturday night. That means it's time for Random Ass radio. Discord is acting waaaay wonky, so we'll see how it goes. You can always listen in at mspwaves.com/listen. So, you might want to bookmark that.

If you'd like to join us there feel free. You can always join us via https://minnowpond.org

Meme the News

I dig burying some of the conspiracy stuff into other posts. These are meant to thought provoke you. Take what resonates, and leave the rest.

The mainstream media exists to program you. Memes are an incredibly efficient tool to deprogram people. Be sure to take ones that resonate and share them far and wide.

Jeff Ep is state sponsored

Watch the language

get it?

Here's where it starts

Jeff Ep's banker (didn't hang himself

The pilot

you getting it yet?

False Flags always seem to occur with news the cabal doesn't like

ABC new for years... wonder why even though the story is out they aren't releasing what they know

It's literally everywhere

No, it's literally everywhere

Partial list of who is involved

Still not given closure

The pedoworld is connected to child trafficking, which is connected to CHILD SERVICES

False flag actors are literally actors


Wouldn't shock me... I think it was disqualified by Russel Jay Gould

Draw yourself wearing purple... time for a state sponsored mandatory sex change for kids!

Bad ass

But muh saved environment

Oh the humanity

Really looking forward to these getting unsealed

Goes up to the top

Many other crimes in here

So lit!

Tulsi got removed from the CFR, maybe she isn't terrible...

This can't go well

Ukraine is the honeypot

It all connects here

It's the criminal capital



A step back towards sanity?

Vaccinations in Samoa

Samoa 2

Samoa 3


Need to have some joy in the truth so y'all don't kill me

No Malarkey








False Flag Bingo

Mandela Effect... was it a red sun? You sure?

Hi friend



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