Learn more :-What is Steem/voting power and reputation. Prerequisiteclues and notions on steem/voting power and reputation majorly for newbies and other steemians.

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Voting is a right that has been given to every Steemian; our votes should reflect the people we support. ~ Charles Fuchs.

Steem/Voting power

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Steem power is how much your vote contributes to the rewards on a post/comment. It increases from post rewards and from powering up from Steem/Steem dollars. Its only reduced by powering down (converting back to steem). If you earn/buy enough Steem power, you can shamelessly upvote your own posts and get post rewards off them. You will also have the ability to support content you found useful/enjoyable without spending your own money. The more steem power you have the more influence your upvotes will have and the bigger your curation rewards will be. Power decreases with each vote. Voting frequently in a small amount of time increases the rate at which voting power decays and it recovers slowly after a period of not voting.How much the power decreases and how long it takes to build up again depends on the number of votes during a given period of time. As your Voting Power goes down, so does your voting influence. The less Voting Power, the weaker your upvotes. Your Voting Power recharges at a rate of around 20% per day. If you deplete your Voting Power it can take quite some time to recharge to be at 100% again.

Keep track of your Voting Power and how much your upvotes are worth. Remember, the less you vote is worth,the less curation rewards you will get.

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Don't drain your Steem Power to levels below 80%. Your votes will have less effect the lower your Voting Power goes. Instead, take a rest. Go write that post you have been thinking of and let your Voting Power regenerate to ensure your votes and rewards have maximum effect.


As we all realize whilst we create a new account on steemit there's a number written at right part of your name. That variety is the popularity stage of our account, A new account get a reputation rating of 25 at the start and then in case you write precise content material and got extra upvotes your popularity rating will start increasing, So the popularity works as a worthy meter,that suggests other steemit users that how well worth you without a doubt.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation,and only one bad one to lose it. - Benjamin Franklin
Reputation is that number next to your name. Reputation effects your post visibility as well as a visual indicator to users of your trustworthiness. For me, this is the most important number that I want to increase, not my account balance, at least for now. Accounts with high reputation are perceived to have high quality content, so some users don't even read articles posted by low reputation accounts, on the other hand, some up-vote posts from high reputation accounts without even reading the content

The reputation has two roles:

  • It is an indicator that shows how “trusted or appreciated by the community” you are.
  • It is a tool that prevent user with low reputation to harm other users.

A great reputation rating means an excellent threat that your article is seen through many customers,and you acquire more followers effortlessly, but what in case your recognition ranking decreased, it is real in case you frequently plagiarise others peoples post and create spamming on steemit or violate any copyright law by the usage of copyrighted pictures. Steemit bot money owed are going to present you a "downvote" or "blacklist" you with their full power of 100% after which you may see your ranking going down to under 10. Downvotes or flags from someone who has a high reputation can decrease your scores to zero or even to a negative.

So what is it's impact on your articles?
Absolutely a rating less than the well known ranking of 25 emerge as much less seen to other users and if ranking dropped below 0, then steemit conceal your articles and comments to lead them to not being seen to other users, So always try not to be blacklisted or downvoted, because as soon as your ranking drops, you have to do greater job to get your antique reputation rating again.

As steemian you must have the following characters to increase your reputation.

  • Honor
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • trust
  • stature
    A quote on this;

“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what the reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character.

Reputation depends only on your content Buying Steem or having a lot Steem Power does not increase reputation. Your reputation score will only depend on the number of upvotes you get from your posts on Steemit. Always post and comment with quality content so that you are going to get recognized and users will likely to upvote you.

Steemit reputation points are calculated using the log base 10 functions. It is easy to increase your reputation score at the beginning, but the higher your reputations get, the harder it is to increase your score. It is about 10x harder from 1 point to the next. A level 50 reputation is 10x stronger than a 49 reputation. And a -5 reputation is 10x weaker than a -4 reputation.

Where to see your actual score

There are 2 kind of score, simplified and raw score. The one on your Steemit profile which is 25 when you start is not the actual value stored in the Steem blockchain, It's only a simplified reputation score. You reputation score are actual values in big number instead of a simple two digit reputationscore. Your scores can be found Here

If you take care of your character, your reputation will take care of itself.

I hope you now better understand how reputation works.Remember, reputation is a key factor which reflect how you behave and how the members of the community evaluate your work. As in real life, having a high level of reputation is a hard work and a long run. And running it can be very fast. Then it will be even harder to rebuild. If you aim at top reputation, focus on quality and on a constructive attitude.

Reputation or steempower, Which is more important?

A users Steem Power (SP) and Reputation together can affect your & other users income, post visibility & their trustworthyness. Whats more important to you are will depend on what you hope to achieve on steemit. it is a good measure of the general trustworthyness of the user, which may influence the users decision of what article to read (and trust). Unlike steem power, reputation cannot be increased using money. If your goal on Steemit is to create a long term passive income then you will need to consider your reputation when posting comments/articles.

In Conclusion,

Steem reputation is what users of steemit wish to have, a high popularity and lots of steem power. Now you could start making actual cash by means of upvoting first-class content. Your votes have greater weight to them, so do not waste them and invest a number of it slowly in finding satisfactory content. This doesn't imply you must stop posting or commenting, just reallocate some of your time to discover desirable content to upvote. At this point, you should not forget you are a shareholder inside the steem community, if you assume that you will be successful, then reinvest your steem dollar into the platform and begin making choices that advantage both, you and the steem network.If your goal is to earn a quick dollar or to make someone else a quick dollar earner, then focus on your steem power. If your goal is to gain a following, become trusted and be able to affect others reputation as you see fit, then focus on making quality content that will attract upvotes .

There is no reason why you can't increase both & in the long term a good reputation. combined with good content/comments will increase views/upvotes which will increase steem power.Have faith and keep working for it. I understand that minnows don't have as much voting power as whales do, but collectively writing good contents will lead big whales to your post, specially bot whales.Attaining high reputation rating is of means of end to end itself. Now is when you sow what you have reap. your high reputation will let you see concrete results for any effort you put on your posts.

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