Curation And Voting Incentive : If you are a minnow? Whale? Or a Dolphine? And You Are Curious About How Curation And Voting Works, Here Is The Best Post To Guide You

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Before I start my discussion on voting I would like to review the incentive structure made by curation rewards. This theme is exceptionally dubious. lets start by reviewing the game as it exists today.



Rewarding Voting

Voting is something you can do nearly as frequently as you like. When you achieve a specific level of Steem Power, relatively every vote places money in your pocket. When I up vote something, I give the author $150 and I get the opportunity to stash $50. That is a gigantic incentive for me to up vote all that I see.

It gets much additionally fascinating on the off chance that I up vote something that turns out to be to a great degree mainstream. Assume the post I up voted went ahead to acquire $10,000, at that point my underlying curation payout of $25 would develop to something like $1500. The distinction between a $25 payout and a $1500 payout is the thing that inspires me to pick great content instead of terrible content. After all I have a predetermined number of powerful votes that I can cast.

Lets assume that every week I pick 1000 posts to vote on inside the initial 30 minutes. Expecting none of the posts get down votes I would take about $25,000. For each post that goes ahead to procure $1000 or more, I can have 10 posts that get focused out. Primary concern is that I could be taking $25,000 or more every week (paid out more than 2 years) with an unsophisticated bot.

It Pays to be First

Assume that another whale of my stature were to vote seconds before me. My curation rewards would be significantly diminished. Rather than getting $1500 on a prominent post, I would be fortunate to get $200. As a whale I lose huge money whenever another whale beets me to a prevalent post.

Despite the fact that it pays to vote before different whales, it positively doesn't pay to vote too rapidly. In the event that I voted on a prevalent article 15 minutes after it was posted and before any whales, at that point my reward may be $750 rather than $1500. Consistently I hold up to vote (up to 30 minutes) wins me $50, yet in the event that I hold up too long some other whale will vote and I will lose money.

Whales are in Competition



The whales are in competition to up vote quality content first. Every moment they should pick whether to vote on a post or pause. Any whale who picks not to play this diversion gets weakened by whales who do play (when Steem Power is over 90% of supply).


Each whale needs to build up a strategy and the strategy will eventually rely on a factual investigation of what posts have a tendency to do well. The most straightforward methodologies incorporate estimating the middle time until a whale up votes a post by each author. This measurement will advise a whale who to vote on and when.


On the off chance that all whales played by this strategy then certain authors would wind up getting ensured votes as ahead of schedule as 10 minutes after they post. Smart whale bots would abstain from voting after different whales and rather search for other content to up vote first.

In the chase for better content whale bots can assemble measurements on which minnows (or blends of minnows) are the best early-indicators of famous content. Once these insights are assembled the whale bot would vote on everything that demonstrates that marker.

Emergent Behavior



On the off chance that we accept all whales are currently chipping away at algorithms to uncover the best content early, at that point quality authors will create ensured benefactors. Each whale needs to settle on a choice on whether it is more beneficial to be a benefactor to a specific author or to proceed onward looking for another author.

There is minimal money related incentive to "heap on" after different whales. Doing as such will expand rewards to the author and to alternate whales. It bodes well to pooch heap unless there is a high likelihood that numerous more whales will take after. With each extra puppy that heaps on the incentives fall drastically. The principal whale by and large gets 80% of the curation rewards.

There is an unpredictable incentive bend. On the off chance that I vote on 1000 things every day absent much idea I can have a relatively unchallengeable profit for my steem power. On the off chance that I work marginally smarter I can expand my arrival. The greater a whale is, the bigger this base rate of return progresses toward becoming.

Think about this as a mining war where whales are boosted to execute propelled AI guardians that can rapidly recognize pearls that have not yet been distinguished by different whales. Any whale that does not vote to the most extreme degree conceivable is squandering potential pay openings.

Smoothing the Reward Curve

Accepting more whale bots begin working at that point chances are that more individuals will get up voted by no less than one whale. Because everybody is sharing a solitary reward pool, this implies the general payout bend will get compliment.

As the general payout bend changes the normal estimation of an individual whales vote falls significantly. My up votes that are worth $250 when I vote several dozen times each day could tumble to $100 if different whales began voting 1000 times each day.

Curation Rewards Expect Whales to use Bot Algorithms



An alleged "wickedness whale" is extremely just a custodian "excavator" making simple benefits because of absence of competition. On the off chance that all whales were contending as effectively as the "abhorrent whale" at that point things would get unquestionably difficult. Market competition would drive the arrival earned by whales toward some sort of common balance.

Voting bots would progress toward becoming as predominant as exchanging bots on the trades. Each whale would endeavor to alter/change their bot to win the best salary by curating the most prevalent content. Their bot should be one of a kind and eccentric or others will "front run" them and take the greater part of their rewards.

No whale that remaining parts detached will have the capacity to keep up a similar stake in the framework. No narrow minded whale could ever need to use a down vote because it has a genuine cost to them and a mingled advantage to every other person.

Role of Dolphins and Minnows

Bots require information, minnows produce information. At the point when bots are endeavoring to distinguish content to up vote they will take pieces of information from minnows. Great dolphins can even begin to win curation rewards when whale-bots get on their usefulness as an early pointer.

It might give the idea that minnows have no impact, however they turn into the butterfly in Africa that triggers a class 5 typhoon. Minnows that reliably select champs previously they are victors will in the end pull in a huge number of whale and dolphin bots who take after their each vote.

While a minnow vote may not seem to give authors much specifically, they can have an enormous effect by implication.

Risk of Self Fulfilling Prophesy??

Most existing robots (with the exception of cheetah) don't take a gander at the content, yet rather endeavor to figure on what different robots and voters will do. There is some hazard that the diversion could advance such that content is disregarded totally as bots up vote in view of what different bots do.

I think this bothersome result is impossible because countless users and charitable whales will inclination the last outcome in light of the nature of the content. In the event that the whale bots win the curation amusement however lose the quality content diversion, at that point all the Steem Power earned from curation will wind up useless.

Everybody loses if quality content doesn't ascend to the best. This implies whale bots will build up a base quality edge.

After some time there is monetary incentive to compose bots that parse content searching for indications of value including:

  • Image

  • outbound connects to respectable spaces

  • headers

  • length

  • perusing level

Individuals will convey "switch spam channels" that figure out how to recognize quality content simply like email spam channels figure out how to distinguish spam. It won't take yearn for bots that take a gander at content to end up more productive than bots that disregard it.

Monstro the Evil Whale

Whales gaining curation rewards are not an issue if all whales take an interest in a sound way to minister. The impact of any individual whale is limited when many whales and dolphins are currently vieing for curation rewards.

An evil whale is one who is currently hoping to hurt the stage. They would begin down voting quality content, consuming the notoriety of users, and up voting refuse content. The great whales would need to act benevolently to neutralize the conduct of a Detestable whale.

Whales that profit from truly voting as well as can be expected (notwithstanding utilizing shortsighted bots) are no more insidious than authors that exploit human instinct to score votes.


The current curation rewards algorithm, once legitimately comprehended, will bring forth a weapons contest to construct better bots. This implies Steem will rouse the advancement of the decentralized independent custodian. It will bring forth inquire about into cutting edge manmade brainpower algorithms that can anticipate viral content early.

Curation is an amusement for whales and dolphins. Minnows are probably not going to gain any huge profit for their votes. Minnows should stick to posting and remarking.

Individuals will purchase Steem Power only for the chance to apply their own particular curation reward algorithm trying to out-procure other Steem Power holders. Algorithm improvement will propel like ASIC advancement.

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Curation reward is a bait for minnows and plankton which attract them towards 'trending' posts but they get nothing their.
Anyway good article and great information.

Interesting read, I know the first 15 or 20 mins of a post are key. I have not put alot of thought in to what time of day or night I post but maybe I should. Maybe if the whale bots get smart enough it wont matter

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