"The fall" (a poem)

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An eagle takes you between its claws like a turtle
rising with inclemency until the future.
Suddenly lets you go,
and you fall vertiginously
into the abyss of the future.

You watch the passage of time
as the blood that runs through your veins:
the silence ripped from the lips with tweezers.
The songs of always, weaving a parallelism
between yesterday and today,
putting in mouth the words that were not known.

The heart imitating a well
to which are throw coins and garbage,
but as such, always staying deep and clear.

Love started to hate.
Hate becoming love.
The night darkening more
to open the way at dawn.
Children losing their homeland.
The empty stomachs,
empty hands of promises.
The butterflies chased by the wind
that rips their wings.
The tears spilling over the same corpses.
All the dreams ending in the same point.

You fall,
finally you fall on the ground
crushing you with the unfailing reality.


Thank you for reading.

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