10 Tips To Prevent Hacked Wireless Internet Connection

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The risk of hacking is one of the biggest hazards threatening users using a wireless modem to connect to the Internet. You too, if you use a wireless modem to connect to the Internet and notice the unusual drop in your internet volume, it's possible that your modem password is hacked by hackers who live near you. In this trick, we'll introduce 10 tips to prevent hacking wireless connections.

1- Consider Microsoft's offer; Microsoft says the best kind of encryption is on the wireless modem, the WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK security protocols. This kind of protocols will encrypt your password every millisecond, and the percentage of the hack will be postponed to the next 64 years! Do not be surprised, this is the reality of this type of encryption.

2- If you do not use more than one computer to connect to the Internet, set your modem to Bridge mode.

3- If you use the PPPOE mode on the modem, activate the MAC Filter feature on the modem.

4- Some applications, such as Wireless Network Watcher, can alert you to your modem for viewing wireless device connections. If you see an unknown connection, disconnect them or change your modem password as soon as possible.

5- Use a powerful firewall software. Firewalls (Trojans) blocking and hacking hackers by closing additional ports on Windows.

6- Never give your friends and relatives a password to use the modem as far as possible. Try to enter the password yourself if you wish.

7- Some Internet service providers provide a service to allow each user to connect to the Internet with only one MAC Address. If you only use a computer to connect to the Internet, you can ensure that you can connect to the modem and use the Internet to use this service.

8- When you leave the house for a long time, you can easily turn off your modem.

9- You can install the latest version of the firmware modem by visiting the Modem Builder website so that your modem software settings are always up-to-date.

10- If your computer is close to the modem and you can use the wires to connect to it, you can turn off the wireless connection settings on the modem by connecting the wired modem to the modem.

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