7 Tricks to Stay Motivated on steemit; inspirational tips to move on as a steemian

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As the point when work is heaped as high as a mountain and due dates linger, inspiration and increasing forward force can demonstrate extreme no doubt. As Sir Isaac Newtown explained, bodies at rest tend to stay that way, but once they’re in motion stopping them is no easy feat.

Things being what they are, by what method can those confronting a droop in action get their wheels turning? Actually inspiration regularly requires a touch of searching out. All things considered, even a portion of the world's most successful steemians, driven individuals have needed to locate their own dreams occasionally.

Here are seven tricks that can help do steemit activity so that you go ahead and pick up the energy required to handle whatever assignments lie ahead

No. 1 Define Goals Clearly

As a steemian, you have to set ur goals which will help you in acheiving ur aims.
setting goals is very essential to become a successful steemian. Here is a beautiful quote on setting goals;

Although goals are important, having a plan of action is vital to the success of those goals. Having a goal with no plan of action is like wanting to travel to a new destination without having a map.
Steve Maraboli

Setting good goals

Follow & learn from successful steemians

Success they say breeds success and successful people attracts followers, as such, Following successful steemians means getting their posts in your feed and by reading the way they blog.

Share good and exciting contents.

By good and exciting contents means, being on point, concise and interesting post which will ensure your readers never get bored reading from you.

Always target relevant tags

Posting to relevant tags is essential to get the right audience. There are so many tags in steemit and targeting less competitive tags which are also very relevant to my story line or message is essential so that you get noticed by folks who visit those tags. And also minnow support are there to help you on this platform, visit their blog and you will see you also have something to offer.

No. 2 Get the Blood Flowing

As a steemian, long stretches of work can take ones toll on motivation levels. You need to have the spirit of winning Get up, take a walk, move around and get the blood flowing. Even a short break can recharge the batteries and inspire action, especially if the goals are clearly defined.

A good quote on getting your blood flowing;

Just do some kind of workout. Doesn't matter if it's going for a walk around the block, going for a jog, doing some calisthenics, lifting weights, going to a pool and swimming - you name it. But do something that gets your blood flowing and gets your mind in the game.
Jocko Willink


No. 3 Develop and Maintain Good Habits

Accomplishing something again and again through power of will alone is extreme. At the point when the activity progresses toward becoming propensity, in any case, inspiration is anything but difficult to discover. The key here is beginning by growing little, helpful propensities. Those keen on enhancing wellness level, for instance, may begin by making short write ups. For those with a major venture close by, figuring out how to work in short, however exceedingly engaged spurts can get forward energy going. Rehash the activities again and again until the point when they move toward becoming as instilled as breathing and afterward add on to them.

You've got to get good habits of working hard so that when that play comes up during the regular season that you're able to complete it and do it the right way.
Al Kaline


No. 4 Do Some Research

Before tackling a big project, take the time to research it fully. This will help ensure expectations are firmly planted in reality while also helping identify difficulties that might stand in the way of attainment. By knowing what to expect beforehand and understanding the challenges ahead that initial burst of enthusiasm is more likely to be there throughout a project. Examples of the projects is the monnowsupport project weekly contest.

A quote on this;

“ The measure of greatness in a scientific idea is the extent to which it stimulates thought and opens up new lines of research.
Paul A.M. Dirac


No. 5 Get Others Involved

When possible, enlist other people to help or to provide “peer pressure” for motivation. It’s much easier to maintain motivation when someone else is involved. Creating contest, commenting on peoples post, upvoting and the likes depicts getting others too involved. This can serve as well for work-related endeavors as it does for those seeking to spend more time on steemit.

A quote on this;

When we feel related with our environment we are able to develop and improve the quality of our involvement, since connectedness and concern are remedies against ignorance and envy. ("I only needed a light )
Erik Pevernagie

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No. 6 Stay Fit and Healthy

When there’s a big project to tackle, not staying fit physically can prove to be a huge downer for motivation. Be sure to get plenty of sleep , eat right and consider a regular exercise routine to keep the body operating at its prime. When the body’s healthy and fit, it’s a lot easier to maintain motivation and focus.

Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.”


No. 7 Finish a Task … Any Task

Quite often the hardest part of facing and finishing a big project or goal is simply getting started. With that in mind, complete any task related to the effort – big or small. Once that first step is taken, motivation levels are likely to rise right along with a sense of accomplishment.
Motivation isn’t always easy to find, but there are ways to elevate its level. Try some of these tricks to stay motivated, and keep goals clearly defined. Stay fit and healthy and consider simply completing small tasks to gain momentum in the right direction. Before long that first goal will be met and it will be time to move on to bigger and better things. There is also this popular saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day.”


It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.
William James


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