Enchantment of natural combinations that are hard to find ("sea, sunset and dolphins")

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The ocean is one of the most beautiful and amazing natural landscapes, all admit it.
Andan ever watched a big sea with sunset in the evening charm, especially coupled with the dolphins were again lackluster jump to and fro like a bunch of kids playing again in full swing. Maybe such a natural beauty will survive even though the footprints on the beach sand have long been lost.
I never felt lonely when I was there.
Just like an ocean that is never full of water, so does a heart that is never full of love, A wave in the sea helps me return to myself.
The voice from the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensual, hugging the body tightly and softly.
It was difficult for me to assemble the reasons why I really liked the beach, until the dolphins also enjoyed the beauty of the ocean in the afternoon. Everything is an update for me, almost like therapy, beach therapy.
Those are moments of natural beauty that are very difficult to find.

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Postingan yg sangat bagus

very gorgeous

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